Quni, Hebei


Shunping County is a rural
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in the west-central part of
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/ref> It is under the administration of the
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and lies to the west of its urban core.


Under the
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, Shunping was known as Quni.. It was a base for Chen Xi's general Wang Huang ( t s ''Wáng Huáng'') in his short-lived rebellion and the site of the defeat and executions of Wang and Hou Chang ( ''Hóu Chǎng'') by Guan Ying and other imperial forces in 196BC. It was renamed Shunping under Wang Mang's short-lived Xin Dynasty.

Administrative divisions

Towns: *Puyang, Shunping County, Puyang (), Gaoyupu (), Yaoshan, Hebei, Yaoshan () Townships: *Pushang Township (), Baiyun Township, Shunping County, Baiyun Township (), Hekou Township, Shunping County, Hekou Township (), Anyang Township, Shunping County, Anyang Township (), Taiyu Township (), Dabei Township (), Shennan Township ()




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