Qube Holdings Ltd is a diversified logistics and infrastructure company in Australia. It was founded in 2010 after the investment trust KFM Diversified Infrastructure and Logistics Fund acquired Kaplan Equity and became a standard operating company, rebranded as Qube Logistics.[1][2] Kaplan Equity part owned P&O Automotive and General Stevedoring and P&O Trans Australia[2] (which in turn owned South Spur Rail Services and Southern & Silverton Rail). Qube acquired outright control and majority ownership of P&O Trans Australia in April 2011.[3]


Ports and Bulk

Qube has freight handling and stevedoring facilities at 29 ports in Australia through its subsidiaries P&O Automotive and General Stevedoring, Northern Stevedoring Services, Australian Amalgamated Terminals, PrixCar and the W Qube joint venture between Qube and Wilhelmsen Ships Service. It is also a 50% joint venture partner in Patrick Corporation.


Qube Logistics operates road and rail services.

Qube operates rail freight services in regional New South Wales and Victoria, and between Melbourne and Adelaide. Subsidiaries South Spur Rail Services and Southern & Silverton Rail, which operate regional freight and infrastructure services in New South Wales and South Australia.

Locomotive fleet

Class Number in class Built Notes
1100 8 2011-2012 4 more on order.
14 14 1972–1974 Ex-Independent Rail of Australia. 5 stored.
44 9 1961–1967 Ex-Independent Rail of Australia and P&O Trans-Australia. All stored.
442 1 1971–1972 Ex-Independent Rail of Australia.
47 1 1973 Ex-Independent Rail of Australia.
73 1 1972
80 5 1980–1983 Ex-Coote Industrial.
RL 3 2005-2010 Ex-P&O Trans-Australia
GML10 1 1994
QBX 6 2015

In addition, Qube leases locomotives from CFCL Australia and for broad gauge operations in Victoria it leases from the Seymour railway heritage centre and steam rail Victoria.

Strategic Assets

The Strategic Assets business is responsible for the development of expansion projects and investments. These include:


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