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Quangang (Chinese: 泉港; pinyin: Quángǎng; Min Nan: Chôan-káng) is a district of Quanzhou, Fujian province, People's Republic of China. Before 1996 it was part of Hui An (惠安)town. Till 2000, It separated itself from Hui An, and is named as Quangang. The population is 360,000. The majority is Han (汉). There are minorities, e.g. Hui (回族) and Mongolian (蒙古族). The post code is 362114. The district government locates in Shanyao street. 、 Establishment[edit]

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Administration[edit] The district is divided into seven town governments:[1]

Nanpu (南埔镇) Qianhuang (前黄镇) Fengwei (峰尾镇) Houlong (后龙镇) Jieshan (界山镇) Shanyao(山腰镇) Tuling (涂岭镇)

Notes and references[edit]

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¹ — Jinmen (Kinmen/Quemoy) is administered as a county by the Republic of China, but claimed by the PRC.

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