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Qiaokou District (simplified Chinese: 硚口区; traditional Chinese: 礄口區; pinyin: Qiáokǒu Qū) forms part of the urban core of and is one of 13 districts of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, People's Republic of China, situated on the northern (left) bank of the Han River. Along with Dongxihu, it is the only district of Wuhan to not have any shoreline along the Yangtze River, and it borders Dongxihu to the north, Jianghan to the east, and Hanyang to the south across the Han River. 'Qiaokou' is used as an example of the usage of the rarely-used character 礄/硚 in the Contemporary Chinese Dictionary.[5] It is said that the character 'qiao' refers to stone bridges constructed over the Han River in the Late Qing.[6][7]


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Geography[edit] Administrative divisions[edit] As of 2017, Qiaokou District was divided into eleven subdistricts:[8][9]

# Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin English Meaning Population (2010)[9] Area (km2)(2016)[10][11]


1 Yijia Subdistrict 易家街道 Yìjiā Jiēdào Yi Family 86,627 9.2

2 Gutian Subdistrict 古田街道 Gǔtián Jiēdào Old Field


3 Changfeng Subdistrict 长丰街道 Chángfēng Jiēdào Long-abundant 179,152 10.9

4 Hanjiadun Subdistrict 韩家墩街道 Hánjiādūn Jiēdào Han Family Dun 94,340 4.59

5 Zongguan Subdistrict 宗关街道 Zōngguān Jiēdào Zongguan 64,649 4.7

6 Hanshuiqiao Subdistrict 汉水桥街道 Hànshuǐqiáo Jiēdào Hanshui Bridge 71,776 2.35

7 Baofeng Subdistrict 宝丰街道 Bǎofēng Jiēdào Treasure abundant 56,647 2.31

8 Ronghua Subdistrict 荣华街道 Rónghuá Jiēdào Prosperity 50,592 0.82

9 Hanzhong Subdistrict 汉中街道 Hànzhōng Jiēdào Hanzhong 29,597 1.28

10 Liujiaoting Subdistrict 六角亭街道 Liùjiǎotíng Jiēdào Six Corner Pavilion 46,285 0.93

11 Hanzheng Subdistrict 汉正街道 Hànzhèng Jiēdào Hanzheng 113,975 1.67

former Chongren Subdistrict 崇仁街道 Chóngrén Jiēdào Venerate Benevolence 36,025


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