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Qarabağ Futbol Klubu, commonly known as Qarabağ [ɡɑɾɑbɑɟ] is an Azerbaijani football club playing in the Azerbaijan
Premier League. The club originates from Agdam, ruined and abandoned since 1993 due to the Nagorno- Karabakh
war, and is now based in Baku, the capital. Formed in 1951, Qarabağ were founding members of the Azerbaijan Premier League in 1992. One season later, they won their first league championship, becoming the first non-Baku-based club to win the Premier League title. Qarabağ is one of the two teams in Azerbaijan, along with Neftçi PFK
Neftçi PFK
which has participated in all Premier League championships so far. Qarabağ plays its matches at the Azersun Arena
Azersun Arena
and Tofiq Bahramov Stadium
in Baku, which also serves as the venue for Azerbaijan national team matches. In 2014, the club won the Premier League, their first league title in 21 years.[5] Qarabağ have won the Premier league five times and Azerbaijan Cup
Azerbaijan Cup
six times.[6] Qarabağ became the second Azerbaijani team to advance to the group stage of a European competition, making its first of three consecutive seasons in the UEFA Europa League
UEFA Europa League
group stages in 2014–15. Qarabağ is the first Azerbaijani team to advance to the group stage of the higher UEFA
Champions League, competing in the 2017–18 season.[7]


1 History

1.1 Early years (1951–1991) 1.2 Effects of war and financial struggles (1991–2008) 1.3 Gurban Gurbanov
Gurban Gurbanov
era (2008–present)

2 Crest and colours

2.1 Shirt sponsors and kit manufacturers

3 Stadium 4 Supporters 5 Recent seasons 6 European record

6.1 UEFA
club rankings

7 Players

7.1 Current squad 7.2 Out on loan 7.3 Reserve team

8 Club officials

8.1 The Board of Directors 8.2 Coaching staff 8.3 Medical staff

9 Individual records 10 Notable managers 11 Honours

11.1 USSR 11.2 Azerbaijan

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History[edit] Early years (1951–1991)[edit] The club was founded in 1951 as Qarabağ after the Aghdam city stadium was built; there then began a serious effort towards the creation of a professional football team. Consequently, Qarabağ FK, then playing under the name of Mehsul, took part in the 1966 Azerbaijani championship.[2] That year, the club reached fourth place in the local championship. Qarabağ participated in the local championship for four consecutive years during which second place was their best result (achieved in 1968). After 1968, however, owing to carelessness and a lack of financial support, the team withdrew from the championships for almost ten years.[2] In 1977, the team was reborn under name Shafaq. In 1982 Shafaq was the only representative of Aghdam in football. Between 1982–1987, the squad used the name "Cooperative society". In 1988, Qarabağ won the champions title in the Azerbaijan SSR
Azerbaijan SSR
local championship under its current name.[2] Effects of war and financial struggles (1991–2008)[edit] In 1993, during the Nagorno- Karabakh
war, the city of Aghdam came under Armenian control, and the team was forced to move from Imarat Stadium
to Baku, while the head coach of the team, Allahverdi Bagirov, died in the war.[8][9][10] Financial problems plagued the club during the period from 1998–2001, and the club went through hard times although it became the first Azerbaijani team to win away from home in a European competition by defeating the Israeli side Maccabi Haifa 1-2 in the 1999 UEFA Intertoto Cup
UEFA Intertoto Cup
thanks to a double strike from club legend Mushfig Huseynov. Qarabağ has also represented Azerbaijan
in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
and UEFA
cup many times. These problems were alleviated in 2001, when one of the largest holding companies of Azerbaijan, Azersun Holding, starting sponsoring the team. The squad used the name of Qarabag-Azersun for two seasons, but then returned its original name in 2004.[11] Gurban Gurbanov
Gurban Gurbanov
era (2008–present)[edit]

Gurban Gurbanov
Gurban Gurbanov
the most successful Azerbaijani manager in European competitions.

In 2008, former Azerbaijani football star Gurban Gurbanov
Gurban Gurbanov
was appointed as head coach after the unexpected departure of Rasim Kara to Khazar Lankaran
Khazar Lankaran
one week before the start of the 2008–09 season. Led by Gurban Gurbanov, Qarabağ have ignored a common strategy in Azerbaijani football: eschewing foreign signings in favour of nurturing local talent.[12] Gurbanov brought with him a tiki-taka style of play, characterised by short passes, long periods of build-up and players interchanging positions.[13] Under Gurbanov, Qarabağ has become one of the most successful Azerbaijani football clubs in Europe (with three consecutive wins) and one which reached the UEFA Europa League
UEFA Europa League
play off-round by beating Rosenborg in the UEFA
Europa League, and also eliminated Honka of Finland.[14][15] The achievements in European competitions marked Gurban Gurbanov
Gurban Gurbanov
as among the most successful Azerbaijani managers ever.[16] In 2010, the club set an Azerbaijani record for the most significant win in a European competition by beating Metalurg Skopje 4–1 in Baku and eliminating Wisła Kraków
Wisła Kraków
to reach the play-offs for the second year in succession.[17][18][19] In 2011, the club duplicated the same record by beating Banga Gargždai
Banga Gargždai
4–0 in Gargždai.[20] The 2011–12 season ended in disappointing style for Qarabağ, however, as they finished in fourth place, leaving the club without European competition.[21] In 2013, Qarabağ reached Europa League play off-round for third time in their history.[22][23] In May 2014, Qarabağ earned its second league title after 21 years.[24] A month later, by beating Red Bull Salzburg, the club became first Azerbaijani side to win in the third round of UEFA Champions League.[25][26] In August 2014, the club reached Europa League play off round for the fourth time in last five seasons.[27] In 2014, Qarabağ qualified for the 2014–15 Europa League group stage, becoming the second Azerbaijani team to advance to this stage in a European competition.[28] On 23 October 2014, after defeating[29] Ukrainian club Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk 1–0, the team became the first Azerbaijani club to win a Europa League group stage match.[30][31] In 2017, after victory over the Sheriff Tiraspol, Qarabağ qualified for the UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League
play-off rounds for the first time. In the first leg they recorded a 1–0 victory over Danish side F.C. Copenhagen in Baku.[32] Despite losing 2–1 in the second leg, Qarabağ won on away goals and became the first Azerbaijani team to reach the group stages of the UEFA
Champions League.[33] Crest and colours[edit] The crest on the club emblem is the symbol of the Karabakh. It is produced by English designers and based on the Karabakh
horse.[34] The horse stems from the club's nickname "The Horsemen"; although it was included on club programmes and scarves earlier, the crest was not displayed on the shirt until 2004.[35] After Gurban Gurbanov's appointment, Qarabağ's attractive style of play led fans to call the team "Qafqazın Barselonası" ("Barcelona of The Caucasus"), which plays upon Barcelona's success in Europe.[13][36] The club is sometimes called "Qaçqın Klub" ("The Refugee Club") after its conservative position on Nagorno- Karabakh
conflict and refugee problem in Azerbaijan.[13][37][38] Shirt sponsors and kit manufacturers[edit] Qarabağ's traditional kit alludes to the club's location in Nagorno- Karabakh
with the black and white representing light and darkness respectively. The club's kits are manufactured by Adidas
and sponsored by Azersun, a Baku-based food producing company.

Years Manufacturer Sponsor

2004 – 2011 Adidas Azersun Holding

2011 – 2012 Kappa

2012 – present Adidas

Stadium[edit] Main article: Azersun Arena

Azersun Arena.

The club have previously used Guzanli Olympic Stadium, which is situated in Quzanlı, the most populous municipality in the Agdam Rayon of Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan. The Imarat Stadium which was club's original home stadium was destroyed as a result of artillery attacks from Armenian military forces during the Nagorno-Karabakh War.[39][40][41] In 2012, the construction of a new football stadium was announced. Azersun Arena
Azersun Arena
is expected to be completed in 2015. Azersun Arena
Azersun Arena
is a football stadium is a multi-use stadium in Surakhani settlement of Baku, Azerbaijan. It is currently used as the club's Azerbaijan Premier League home stadium and holds 5,800 people.[42] The Baku
Olympic Stadium
is used for Champions League games, where the record attendance for Qarabağ occurred on 27 September 2017, in a UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League
group stage match attended by 67,200 fans against Roma.[43] Supporters[edit] Although a large part of Qarabağ's support is drawn from the local Aghdam population, they remain immensely well supported in the rest of Azerbaijan. This is mainly due to their being the only team to represent the war-torn Nagorno- Karabakh
region in the league.[44] The club is a sole remnant of the past and a living symbol of hope and pride for over half a million Azerbaijani internally displaced people. In recent years, thanks to achievements on the pitch, the club has been able to inspire and initiate special youth projects enforcing stability and development in the IDP-settlements near the border of Nagorno-Karabakh.[45][46] The club have few supporting groups such as Imarat, Qarabağ Ordusu, Boys Qarabağ, and Ladies of Qarabağ.[47][48] These groups often receive free tickets to Qarabağ's games, which helps Karabakh
to have more support from fans. Recent seasons[edit] Main article: List of Qarabağ FK
Qarabağ FK

Last ten seasons

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA P Cup Europe Top Scorer (League goals) Head Coach

2008–09 Premier League 5 26 14 7 5 35 22 49 W — Artim Šakiri (7) Nidal Ferhatovic (7) Gurban Gurbanov

2009–10 3 42 17 18 7 37 30 69 QF EL PO Rauf Aliyev
Rauf Aliyev
(5) Afran Ismayilov
Afran Ismayilov

2010–11 3 32 17 7 8 41 22 58 FR EL PO Georgi Adamia (18)

2011–12 4 32 15 8 9 37 28 53 SF EL Qual. Georgi Adamia (7)

2012–13 2 32 16 11 5 43 26 59 SF — Richard Almeida (13)

2013–14 1 36 21 9 6 65 21 72 QF CL EL Qual. GS Reynaldo (22)

2014–15 1 32 20 8 4 51 28 68 W CL EL Qual. GS Reynaldo (10) Leroy George
Leroy George

2015–16 1 36 26 6 4 66 21 84 W CL EL Qual. GS Dani Quintana (15)

2016–17 1 28 19 5 4 46 14 62 W CL EL Qual. GS Dino Ndlovu
Dino Ndlovu



European record[edit] Main article: Qarabağ FK
Qarabağ FK
in European football

Qarabağ playing against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge during the 2017–18 UEFA
Champions League.

The club have participated in 14 editions of the club competitions governed by UEFA, the chief authority for football across Europe. These include 4 seasons in the Champions League, 9 seasons in the UEFA Cup and Europa League, two seasons in the Cup Winners' Cup and one season in the Intertoto Cup.[49] Qarabağ has played three times in the Europa League after qualifying via the Champions League. Counting all of the 86 games the side have played in UEFA
competitions since their first entry into the Cup Winners' Cup in the 1996–97 season, the team's record stands at 32 wins, 22 draws and 32 defeats. The club plays its home matches at Tofiq Bahramov Republican Stadium, an all-seater stadium in Baku. Since the last rebuilding in 2012, it can host 31,200 spectators.[50] The record attendance for Qarabağ in a European match occurred 30 July 2014, in a 2014–15 UEFA
Champions League third qualifying round match attended by 32,000 fans against FC Red Bull Salzburg which ended with a 2–1 win for the Qarabağ.[51] Qarabağ biggest wins is 5–0 against Samtredia in the 2017–18 UEFA Champions League qualification, while the biggest defeats is 0–6 against Copenhagen in the 1998–99 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
and Montpellier in the 1999 UEFA
Intertoto Cup.[49] With 67 caps, Rashad Sadygov and Maksim Medvedev
Maksim Medvedev
has appeared in the most UEFA
matches for Qarabağ,[49] while Reynaldo has scored the most goals with 11.[49] Qarabağ has played Metalurg Skopje, Twente and Copenhagen four times, more than any other team. In 2017, after beating Copenhagen 2-2 (a) in the Play-off round of the UEFA
Champions League, Qarabağ became the first Azerbaijani club to reach the Group stage.[52] They were drawn in Group C alongside Chelsea, Atlético Madrid
Atlético Madrid
and Roma, where they managed to obtain two points in six games after two draws and four losses.[53] Updated as of 5 December 2017

Tournament P W D L GF GA GD Win%

Champions League 7001240000000000000♠24 7000900000000000000♠9 7000800000000000000♠8 7000700000000000000♠7 7001240000000000000♠24 7001230000000000000♠23 +1 07001375000000000000♠37.50

Cup / UEFA
Europa League 7001580000000000000♠58 7001220000000000000♠22 7001150000000000000♠15 7001210000000000000♠21 7001610000000000000♠61 7001690000000000000♠69 −8 07001379300000000000♠37.93

Cup Winners' Cup 7000400000000000000♠4 5000000000000000000♠0 7000100000000000000♠1 7000300000000000000♠3 7000100000000000000♠1 7001120000000000000♠12 −11 005000000000000000000♠0.00

Intertoto Cup 7000400000000000000♠4 7000100000000000000♠1 5000000000000000000♠0 7000300000000000000♠3 7000200000000000000♠2 7001110000000000000♠11 −9 07001250000000000000♠25.00

Total 7001900000000000000♠90 7001320000000000000♠32 7001240000000000000♠24 7001340000000000000♠34 7001880000000000000♠88 7002115000000000000♠115 −27 07001355600000000000♠35.56

club rankings[edit] See also: UEFA
coefficient As of 16 March 2018[54]

Rank Team Coefficient

70 Real Sociedad 20.799

71 Celta Vigo 20.799

72 Real Betis 20.799

73 Qarabağ 20.500

74 Young Boys 20.500

75 BATE Borisov 20.500

76 Trabzonspor 18.000

Players[edit] For a list of all former and current Qarabağ FK
Qarabağ FK
players with a article, see Category:FK Qarabağ players. Azerbaijani teams are limited to nine players without Azerbaijani citizenship. The squad list includes only the principal nationality of each player; several non-European players on the squad have dual citizenship with an EU country. Current squad[edit]

As of 29 January 2018

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA
eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non- FIFA


Position Player


GK Anton Kanibolotskiy


DF Gara Garayev


DF Maksim Medvedev
Maksim Medvedev


MF Rahid Amirguliyev


MF Míchel


MF Pedro Henrique (loan from PAOK)


FW Mahir Madatov


GK Shahrudin Mahammadaliyev


GK Ibrahim Šehić


DF Rashad Sadygov
Rashad Sadygov


MF Richard Almeida


DF Arif Dashdemirov


Position Player


MF Afran Ismayilov


DF Ansi Agolli


DF Abbas Huseynov


DF Elvin Yunuszade


FW Aghabala Ramazanov


DF Jakub Rzeźniczak


DF Badavi Huseynov


MF Wilde-Donald Guerrier


FW Ramil Sheydayev
Ramil Sheydayev
(loan from Trabzonspor)


MF Joshgun Diniyev


MF Dani Quintana

For recent transfers, see 2017–18 FK Qarabağ season. Out on loan[edit] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA
eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non- FIFA


Position Player

MF Elshan Abdullayev (at Zira)

MF Eltun Turabov (at Khazar Baku)

Reserve team[edit] As of 18 February 2018. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA
eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non- FIFA


Position Player


DF Ruslan Mirzaliyev


MF Farid Mammadov


MF Elchin Rahimli


FW Famil Jamalov


DF Nihat Tahmazov


MF Rufat Abdullazade


DF Aslan Badalzade


MF Sabuhi Abdullazade


FW Khagani Sadigov


MF Salman Jafarov


DF Kamran Nasirov


MF Famin Aliyev


Position Player


MF Zaur Farzaliyev


GK Mammad Huseynov


DF Asgar Huseynov


MF Ibrahim Gadirzade


FW Ibrahim Aliyev


DF Ibrahim Huseynov


MF Pilagha Mehdiyev


MF Javid Bayramov


MF Nijat Suleymanov


DF Yusif Hasanov


FW Yaroslav Deda


GK Nijat Mehbaliyev

Club officials[edit] The Board of Directors[edit]

Position Name

President Abdolbari Gozal

Vice-president Tahir Gozal

Managing Director Emrah Çelikel

General Manager Asif Asgarov

Financial Director Murat Karaman

Press and Operations Officer Nurlan Ibrahimov

Coaching staff[edit]

Position Name

Head coach Gurban Gurbanov

Assistant coach Elchin Rahmanov Mushfig Huseynov Zaur Tagizade

Goalkeeper coach Elkhan Hasanov

Coordinator of youth academy Borce Hristov

Reserve team head coach Aftandil Hajiyev

Under-19 head coach Rashad Sadygov

Fitness coach Chudomir Chakarov

Medical staff[edit]

Position Name

Doctor Sahhat Rustamzade

Masseur Elshan Aliyev Oktay Gursoy Rahman Nabiyev

Individual records[edit] Lists of the players with the most caps and top goalscorers for the club, as of 21 November 2014 (players in bold signifies current Qarabağ player). Mushfig Huseynov is the club's all-time most capped player and top scorer with 125 goals in 320 games.[55]

Reynaldo is one of the highest goalscoring players for the club.

Top Ten Highest Goalscorers

Player Period Appearances Goals

1 Mushfig Huseynov 1989–99; 2003–04; 2005–07 320 125

2 Reynaldo 2012–2016 93 46

3 Samir Musayev 2002–06 85 44

4 Georgi Adamia 2010–12 72 29

5 Tarlan Ahmadov 1993–97; 2004 102 28

6 Vugar Nadirov 2001–05; 2009–2015 193 27

7 Vagif Javadov 2007–10; 2012–13 110 25

8 Nazim Aliyev 1996–97 44 23

9 Rauf Aliyev 2006–13 131 23

10 Richard Almeida 2012–present 69 20

Maksim Medvedev
Maksim Medvedev
is one of the most capped players for the club.

Top Ten Players With Most Appearances

Player Period Caps Goals

1 Mushfig Huseynov 1989–99; 2003–04; 2005–07 320 125

2 Maksim Medvedev 2006–present 244 6

3 Vugar Nadirov 2001–05; 2009–2015 211 28

4 Ansi Agolli 2010–present 196 3

5 Namiq Yusifov 2006–07; 2008–2016 186 1

6 Admir Teli 2009–2015 173 6

7 Aslan Kerimov 1993–97; 2003–11 168 12

8 Rashad Sadygov 2009–10; 2011–present 147 8

9 Rauf Aliyev 2006–13 131 23

10 Vagif Javadov 2007–10; 2012–13 110 25

Notable managers[edit] Information correct as of match played 31 October 2017. Only competitive matches are counted.

Name Nat. From To P W D L GS GA %W Honours Notes

Allahverdi Bagirov  Soviet Union 19?? 198? N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Agaselim Mirjavadov  Azerbaijan 1992 1996 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Azerbaijan
Premier League Azerbaijan
Cup Azerbaijan
Supercup [57]

Elbrus Abbasov  Azerbaijan 1996 1998 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Boyukagha Aghayev  Azerbaijan 1998 1999 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Elbrus Abbasov  Azerbaijan 1999 2000 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Shahin Shahuseyni  Azerbaijan 2000 2000 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Shahin Diniyev  Azerbaijan 2001 2004 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Igor Ponomaryov  Azerbaijan 2004 2005 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Elkhan Abdullayev  Azerbaijan 2005 2006 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Azerbaijan

Boyukagha Aghayev  Azerbaijan 2006 2006 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Rasim Kara  Turkey Dec 2006 Jun 2008 7001380000000000000♠38 7001140000000000000♠14 7001120000000000000♠12 7001120000000000000♠12 7001350000000000000♠35 7001320000000000000♠32 07001368400000000000♠36.84


Gurban Gurbanov  Azerbaijan Jul 2008 Present 7002406000000000000♠406 7002226000000000000♠226 7002106000000000000♠106 7001740000000000000♠74 7002588000000000000♠588 7002301000000000000♠301 07001556700000000000♠55.67 Azerbaijan Premier League
Azerbaijan Premier League
(4), Azerbaijan Cup
Azerbaijan Cup
(4) [59]

Notes: P – Total of played matches W – Won matches D – Drawn matches L – Lost matches GS – Goal scored GA – Goals against %W – Percentage of matches won Nationality is indicated by the corresponding FIFA
country code(s).

Honours[edit] As of 22 May 2015, Qarabağ has won three Azerbaijan
Premier League titles, the Azerbaijan Cup
Azerbaijan Cup
once and one Azerbaijan
Supercup trophy. The club is the first non- Baku
based club to have won the Azerbaijan Premier League title.[60] Qarabağ is one of the two teams in Azerbaijan, along with Neftchi Baku
which has participated in all Azerbaijan Premier League
Azerbaijan Premier League
championships so far.[60] USSR[edit]

Soviet Second League B

Winners (1): 1990

Azerbaijan SSR
Azerbaijan SSR

Winners (2): 1988, 1990

Azerbaijan SSR
Azerbaijan SSR

Winners (1): 1990



Winners (5): 1993, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17


Winners (6): 1993, 2005–06, 2008–09, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17


Winners (1): 1994

In popular culture[edit] Qarabağ featured on football simulation game Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 and 2016.[61] References[edit]

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