Puyoô is a commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in south-western France.


The town is situated on the Gave de Pau, a river running through the region, and some of the river's tributaries, including the streams of Lataillard, Espérance and Loulié. Puyoô neighbours the towns of Bellocq to the south-west and Ramous to the south-east.


Puyoô is derived from the Bearnaise word Pujóu meaning small hill. Pujóu can be further derived from the Latin word podium, meaning height.[1] People from the town are known in French as Puyolais.


The town's economy is generally agriculture-oriented. The local railway station, Gare de Puyoô, has serviced the town since it opened in 1862. Today it services approximately 10,300 passengers a year.


Puyoô has a rugby field and tennis courts, as well as a town hall. A community festival is held towards the end of June.

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