Punta is a rural barangay of Calamba City, Laguna in the Philippines. It is situated in the central-south portion of the city.


Punta lies in the central-southern part of Calamba City. The barangay is bordered by: Kay-Anlog in the south; Bubuyan in the west; Tulo in the east, Palo-Alto in the north-west and Barandal in the north. It has a total area of 331 hectares. Punta is now an industrial barangay in Calamba City and its extends in barangay Prinza.[1]


According to 2007 Census, Punta has a population of 2,615, one of the least-populated barangays in Calamba

Year Population
2007 2,615
2000 1,555
1995 1,214
1990 1,108
1980 986


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