''Pseudobagrus'' is a genus of bagrid catfishes that inhabit streams and rivers throughout East Asia. About half of these species occur in China. The two ''Coreobagrus'' species, ''C. brevicorpus'' and ''C. ichikiwai'', are both treated in some recent literature as valid in ''Pseudobagrus''. It has been noted that ''Pelteobagrus'' may not be monophyletic if species placed in ''Pseudobagrus'' and ''Coreobagrus'' were excluded. The taxonomy of this genus is unclear and many authorities treat it as a junior synonym of ''Tachysurus''. ''Pseudobagrus'' species are small- to mid-sized bagrid catfishes. These fish all have an inferior mouth; narial openings widely separated; four pairs of barbels; top of head covered by skin in most species; two dorsal fin spines; pelvic fin small; and caudal fin emarginate, truncate or round. One fossil species, ''P. ikiensis'' Watanabe & Uyeno, is known from the Middle Miocene of Japan.Watanabe, K. and Uyeno, T.; ''Fossil bagrid catfishes from Japan and their zoogeography, with description of a new species,'' Pseudobagrus ikiensis: Ichthyological Research Volume 46, Number 4, 397-412


There are currently 32 recognized species in this genus: * ''Pseudobagrus adiposalis'' Ōshima, 1919 * ''Pseudobagrus albomarginatus'' (Rendahl (de), 1928) * ''Pseudobagrus analis'' (Nichols, 1930) * ''Pseudobagrus aurantiacus'' (Temminck & Schlegel, 1846) * ''Pseudobagrus brachyrhabdion'' J. L. Cheng, Ishihara & E. Zhang, 2008 * ''Pseudobagrus brevianalis'' Regan, 1908 * ''Pseudobagrus brevicaudatus'' (H. W. Wu, 1930) * ''Pseudobagrus crassilabris'' (Günther, 1864) * ''Pseudobagrus eupogoides'' H. W. Wu, 1930 * ''Pseudobagrus fui'' C. P. Miao, 1934 * ''Pseudobagrus gracilis'' Jie Li, X. L. Chen & B. P. L. Chan, 2005 * ''Pseudobagrus hwanghoensis'' (T. Mori, 1933) * ''Pseudobagrus kaifenensis'' (T. L. Tchang, 1934) * ''Pseudobagrus koreanus'' Uchida, 1990 * ''Pseudobagrus kyphus'' Đ. Y. Mai, 1978 * ''Pseudobagrus medianalis'' (Regan, 1904) * ''Pseudobagrus microps'' (Rendahl (de), 1932) * ''Pseudobagrus nubilosus'' H. H. Ng & Freyhof, 2007 * ''Pseudobagrus omeihensis'' (Nichols, 1941) * ''Pseudobagrus ondon'' T. H. Shaw, 1930 * ''Pseudobagrus pratti'' (Günther, 1892) * ''Pseudobagrus rendahli'' (Pellegrin & P. W. Fang, 1940) * ''Pseudobagrus sinyanensis'' (T. S. Fu, 1935) * ''Pseudobagrus taeniatus'' (Günther, 1873) * ''Pseudobagrus taiwanensis'' Ōshima, 1919 * ''Pseudobagrus tenuifurcatus'' (Nichols, 1931) * ''Pseudobagrus tenuis'' (Günther, 1873) * ''Pseudobagrus tokiensis'' Döderlein (de), 1887 * ''Pseudobagrus trilineatus'' (C. Y. Zheng, 1979) * ''Pseudobagrus truncatus'' (Regan, 1913) * ''Pseudobagrus vachelli''Zhang, G., Wang, R., Mao, J., Yin, S., Tao, P., Chen, J., ... & Chen, S. (2016). The complete mitochondrial genome and phylogenic analysis of Pseudobagrus vachelli. Mitochondrial DNA Part A, 27(5), 3551-3552. * ''Pseudobagrus wangi'' C. P. Miao, 1934


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