Pryazovskyi Raion


Pryazovske Raion ( uk, Приазовський район) was one of
raion A raion (also rayon) is a type of administrative unit of several post-Soviet states (such as part of an oblast). The term is from the French "''rayon''" (meaning "honeycomb, department"), which is both a type of a subnational entity Adminis ...
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district A district is a type of that, in some countries, is managed by the . Across the world, areas known as "districts" vary greatly in size, spanning s or , several , subdivisions of municipalities, , or . By country/region Afghanistan In , a d ...

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Zaporizhzhia Oblast Zaporizhzhia Oblast ( uk, Запорізька область, Bulgarian language, Bulgarian: Запорожка област, Romanization of Ukrainian, translit. ''Zaporiz'ka oblast’''); also referred to as Zaporizhzhia ( uk, Запоріжж ...
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Ukraine Ukraine ( uk, Україна, Ukraïna, ) is a country in . It is the in Europe after , which it borders to the east and north-east. Ukraine also shares borders with to the north; , , and to the west; and to the south; and has a coastli ...

. The administrative center of the region was the
urban-type settlement Urban-type settlement (russian: посёлок городско́го ти́па, translit=posyolok gorodskogo tipa, abbreviated: russian: п.г.т., translit=p.g.t.; ua, селище міського типу, translit=selyshche mis'koho typu, abb ...
of Pryazovske. The raion was abolished on 18 July 2020 as part of the administrative reform of Ukraine, which reduced the number of raions of Zaporizhzhia Oblast to five. The area of Pryazovske Raion was merged into Melitopol Raion. The last estimate of the raion population was .


Former raions of Zaporizhzhia Oblast Bulgarian communities in Ukraine Ukrainian raions abolished during the 2020 administrative reform {{Zaporizhzhia-geo-stub