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The PROVINCE OF ORISTANO (Italian : provincia di Oristano, Sardinian : provìntzia de Aristanis) is a province in the autonomous island region of Sardinia
in Italy. Its capital is the city of Oristano
. It has an area of 3,040 square kilometres (1,170 sq mi), a total population of 160,746 (2016), and a population density of 53.7 people per square kilometer. There are 78 municipalities (comuni ) in the province).


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The province of Oristano
is the smallest province in Sardinia
and was formed from sections of the provinces of Cagliari and Nuoro . It occupies roughly the same area as the Giudicato of Arborea of the High Middle Ages . It borders Nuoro, Cagliari and the Sea of Sardinia
. A large area of the province's coastline is part of the gulf of Oristano , and the land in the province is mainly flat and there is some marshland. The province contains Santa Giusta (commune) and Tharros (forme