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The Protestant
Unionist Party (PUP)[1] was a unionist political party operating in Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
from 1966 to 1971. It was the forerunner of the Democratic Unionist Party
Democratic Unionist Party
(DUP) and emerged from the Ulster Protestant
Action (UPA) movement. It was founded an led by Ian Paisley, who also founded and led the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. The UPA had two councillors elected to Belfast Corporation. In 1967, both were re-elected as PUP candidates. The PUP stood six candidates against the ruling Ulster Unionist Party
Ulster Unionist Party
of the Northern Ireland parliament in the January 1969 general election. They polled over 20,000 votes, but gained no seats. When Terence O'Neill
Terence O'Neill
(the then Northern Irish Prime Minister) stood down from Stormont in 1970 along with one of his colleagues, the PUP nominated candidates for the two vacant seats. Both were successful. Ian Paisley
Ian Paisley
and fellow Free Presbyterian minister, the Rev. William Beattie, PUP leader and deputy respectively, were elected. In that year's Westminster general election, Paisley was elected to represent Antrim North in the British House of Commons. The PUP campaigned for the retention of the Union, preferential treatment for Protestants in employment, and for total freedom for Orange parades.[citation needed] The PUP was wound up in 1971 and re-emerged as the DUP in October of that year.[citation needed] References[edit]

^ Not to be confused with the Progressive Unionist Party.

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Democratic Unionist Party



Ian Paisley
Ian Paisley
(1971–2008) Peter Robinson (2008–2015) Arlene Foster
Arlene Foster

Deputy leaders

William Beattie (1971–80) Peter Robinson (1980–2008) Nigel Dodds
Nigel Dodds


Desmond Boal
Desmond Boal
(1971–73) William Beattie (1973–80) James McClure (1980–2000) Maurice Morrow (2000–)

Party Secretary

Peter Robinson (1975–79) William Beattie (1980–83) Alan Kane (1983–92) Nigel Dodds
Nigel Dodds
(1993-2008) Michelle McIlveen (2008–)


European Parliament

Diane Dodds

Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland

Maurice Bradley Paula Bradley Keith Buchanan Thomas Buchanan Jonathan Buckley Joanne Bunting Pam Cameron Trevor Clarke Gordon Dunne Alex Easton Arlene Foster Paul Frew Paul Givan Simon Hamilton David Hilditch William Humphrey William Irwin Carla Lockhart Gordon Lyons Michelle McIlveen Gary Middleton Robin Newton Edwin Poots George Robinson Christopher Stalford Mervyn Storey Peter Weir Jim Wells

Westminister MPs

Gregory Campbell Nigel Dodds Jeffrey Donaldson Paul Girvan Emma Little-Pengelly Ian Paisley
Ian Paisley
Jr. Gavin Robinson Jim Shannon David Simpson Sammy Wilson

House of Lords

The Baroness Paisley of St George's The Lord Browne of Belmont The Lord Morrow

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1 Excluding those left-wing parties avowedly nationalist / republican or un