This is a list of protected areas of American Samoa.

Area name   Type Year Established Photo
National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa
(formerly Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary)[1]
National Marine Sanctuary 1986
National Park of American Samoa[2] National Park October 31, 1988 Ofu Beach NPS.jpg
Rose Atoll National Wildlife Refuge National Wildlife Refuge 1973[3] Nwrroseatollside320.gif
Rose Atoll Marine National Monument Marine National Monument 2009 Reef3261 - Flickr - NOAA Photo Library.jpg

Local marine protected areas

  • Alofau Village Marine Protected Area[4]
  • Amaua and Auto Village Marine Protected Area
  • Fagamalo Village Marine Protected Area
  • Masausi Village Marine Protected Area
  • Matuu and Faganeanea Village Marine Protected Area
  • Poloa Village Marine Protected Area
  • Vatia Village Marine Protected Area


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