In Albania, the Prosecutor General (Albanian: Prokurori i Përgjithshëm) is the highest judicial authority exercising the criminal prosecution of entities or individuals and representing the accusation in court on behalf of the state. He or she is also responsible for carrying out a series of other duties assigned by law to the prosecution.[1]

The General Prosecutor proposes to the President of the Republic the candidates for prosecutor after considering the opinion of the Council of Prosecution. He or she is entitled to issue orders for the prosecutor’s suspension from exercise of their duty when the starting of a criminal proceeding against them has been decided, until the end of the proceeding, or when a serious disciplinary violation is uncovered.

In the exercise of their competencies, prosecutors operate in accordance with the Constitution and laws. They exert their competencies by respecting the principles of fair, equal and legal proceedings and safeguarding human rights, interests and legal freedoms.

The Prosecution is organized and working under the direction of the General Prosecutor as a centralized structure, composed of the Office of the General Prosecutor, the Council of the Prosecution and the prosecutors of the judiciary system.[2]


No. Name Term in office
1 Bedri Spahiu 26 January 1945 1949
2 Siri Çarçani 1949
3 Josif Pashko
4 Aranit Çela 21 June 1958 November 1966
5 Lefter Goga November 1966 22 November 1970
6 Dhori Panariti 22 November 1970 23 November 1982
7 Rrapi Mino 23 November 1982 6 May 1991
8 Petrit Serjani 14 May 1991 6 May 1992
9 Maksim Haxhia 6 May 1992 17 September 1992
10 Alush Dragoshi 7 December 1992 12 August 1997
11 Arben Rakipi 12 August 1997 19 March 2002
12 Theodhori Sollaku 29 March 2002 5 November 2007
13 Ina Rama 22 November 2007 3 December 2012
14 Adriatik Llalla 3 December 2012 18 December 2017
15 Arta Marku 18 December 2017 Incumbent