Products introduced in 1985


Product may refer to:


* Product (business), an item that serves as a solution to a specific consumer problem. * Product (project management), a deliverable or set of deliverables that contribute to a business solution


* Product (mathematics)


* Direct product

Set theory

* Cartesian product of sets

Group theory

* Direct product of groups * Semidirect product * Product of group subsets * Wreath product * Free product * Zappa–Szép product (or knit product), a generalization of the direct and semidirect products

Ring theory

* Product of rings * Ideal operations, for product of ideal (ring theory)#Ideal operations, ideals

Linear algebra

* Scalar multiplication * Matrix multiplication * Inner product, on an inner product space * Exterior product or wedge product * Multiplication of vectors: ** Dot product ** Cross product ** Seven-dimensional cross product ** Triple product, in vector calculus * Tensor product


* Product topology

Algebraic topology

* Cap product * Cup product * Slant product

Homotopy theory

* Smash product * Wedge sum (or wedge product)

Category theory

* Internal product, in a monoidal category * Product (category theory), a generalization of mathematical products * Fibre product or pullback ** Coproduct or pushout (category theory), pushout

Probability theory

* Wick product of random variables

Graph theory

* Graph product


* Product (Brand X album), ''Product'' (Brand X album), 1979 * Product (De Press album), ''Product'' (De Press album), 1982 * Product (Sophie album), ''Product'' (Sophie album), 2015 * ''Product'', a three-CD compilation set by Buzzcocks

Other uses

* Product (chemistry), the species formed from chemical reactions * Hairstyling product, such as hairspray or hair gel, generally referred to as simply "product"

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