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Product classification or product taxonomy is a type of economic taxonomy which organizes products for a variety of purposes. However, not only products can be referred to in a standardized way but also sales practices in form of the “Incoterms” and industries can be classified into categories. Some standard product classifications include: * CPA — Classification of Products by Activity, a product nomenclature that was used in the European Economic Community and now in use in the European Union, EU, a European version of the Central Product Classification, CPC ** CPA 1996 ** CPA 2002 ** CPA 2008 ** CPA 2.1Statistical Classification of Products by Activity, Version 2.1
/ref> * CPC — Central Product Classification, a United Nations standard classification for products * ETIM (standard), ETIM, the ETIM Technical Information Model * Global Classification and Harmonized Schedule Numbers for customs classification * HS — Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System * SITC — Standard International Trade Classification * Trade in Services * UNSPSC, the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code * IEC Common Data Dictionary, product classifications defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission * eCl@ss, a global and ISO/IEC-conform system for classification and description of products and services, maintained by the non-governmental eCl@ss e.V. association

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CPA 2.1
at the Eurostat website * United Nations Statistical Commission, "International Family of Economic and Social Classifications", p.
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