The Info List - Procter, Ben H

Ben is frequently used as a shortened version of the given names Benjamin or Benedict, and is also a very common given name in its own right. The Arabic "Bin" (بن) or "Ibn" (ابن) or "Ben" (dialectal Arabic) means "son of". Ben (in Hebrew: בֶּן‎, Son of) forms part of surnames, e.g. Abraham ben Abraham (Hebrew: אברהם בן אברהם‎). Bar-, "son of" in Aramaic, is also seen, e.g. Simon bar Kokhba (Hebrew: שמעון בר כוכבא‎).

People with the given name[edit] Ben Adams (born 1981), member of the British boy band A1 Ben Affleck (born 1972), American actor and screenwriter Ben Ashkenazy (born 1968/69), American billionaire real estate developer Ben Banogu (born 1996), American football player Ben Barba (born 1989), Australian rugby player Ben Barnes (other), multiple people Ben Bartlett British composer Ben Bernanke (born 1953), chair of the Federal Reserve Bank Ben Bishop (born 1986), American ice hockey player Ben Bradlee (1921-2014), American newspaper editor Ben Braun (born 1953), American basketball coach Ben Browder (born 1962), American actor Ben Burman (1896–1984), American author Ben Burr-Kirven (born 1997), American football player Ben Carson (born 1951), American surgeon and politician Ben Chase (1923–1998), American football player Ben Clime (1891–1973), American football player Ben Cohen (other), multiple people Ben Coleman (other), multiple people Ben Cousins (born 1978), Australian football player Ben Crenshaw (born 1952), American golfer Ben Crompton (born 1974), English actor Ben Cross (born 1947), English actor Ben Curtis (other), multiple people Ben Cutting (born 1987), Australian cricketer Ben Daley (born 1988), Australian rugby player Ben Eager (born 1984), Canadian ice hockey player Ben Edwards (other), multiple people Ben Fayot (born 1937), Luxembourgian politician Ben Feldman (actor) (born 1980), American actor Ben Folds (born 1966), singer-songwriter Ben Garland (born 1988), American football player Ben Gedeon (born 1994), American football player Ben Gibbard (born 1976), lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie Ben Gibson (born 1993), English football player Ben Gillies (born 1979), drummer of Silverchair Ben Gordon (born 1983), basketball player Ben Gottschalk (born 1992), American NFL football player Ben Guez (born 1987), American baseball player Ben Hannant (born 1984), Australian rugby player Ben Harper (born 1969), American musician Ben Harvey (other), multiple people Ben Hogan (1912–1997), American golfer Ben Helfgott (born 1929), Polish-born British weightlifter Ben Howard (born 1987), British singer/songwriter Ben Hunt (other), multiple people Ben Jackson (other), multiple people Ben Jeby (1909–1985), American boxer Ben Jelen (born 1979), American singer Ben Jonson (1572–1637), English poet Ben Kane (born 1970), English novelist Ben Kasica, American musician, lead guitarist for Skillet Ben Keays (born 1997), Australian footballer Ben E. King (1938-2015), American soul and R&B singer Ben Kingsley (born 1943), British actor Ben Kinsella (1991-2008), British murder victim Ben Knapen (born 1951), Dutch politician and journalist Ben Kweller (born 1981), American rock musician Ben Leber (born 1978), American football player Ben Lowe (born 1985), Australian rugby player Ben Mendelsohn (born 1969), Australian actor Ben Miller (born 1966), English actor and comedian Ben Moody (born 1981), American musician Ben Roy Mottelson (born 1926), Danish American physicist Ben Murdoch-Masila (born 1991), New Zealand rugby player Ben Navarro (born 1962/1963), American billionaire, founder and CEO of Sherman Financial Group Ben Nicholson (1894–1982), English artist Ben Niemann (born 1995), American football player Ben Ownby, American kidnap victim Ben J. Pierce (born 1999), American YouTuber, singer-songwriter, and actor Ben Plucknett (1954-2002), American discus thrower Ben Powers (American football) (born 1997), American football player Ben Richards (other), multiple people Ben Roethlisberger (born 1982), American football player Ben Sahar (born 1989), Israeli football player Ben Schwartz (born 1981), American actor Ben Selvin (1898–1980), American jazz musician and bandleader Ben Shneiderman (born 1947), American computer scientist Ben Simmons (born 1996), Australian basketball player Ben Shapiro (born 1984), American conservative political commentator Ben Sheets (born 1978), American baseball player Ben Smith (other), multiple people Ben Spijkers (born 1961), Dutch judoka Ben Stein (born 1944), law professor, economist, writer and actor Ben Stiller (born 1965), American actor, writer and director Ben Swagerman (born 1959), Dutch politician Ben Talley (born 1972), American football player Ben Templeton (born 1940), co-creator of the comic strip Motley's Crew Ben Te'o (born 1987), New Zealand rugby player Ben Thatcher (born 1975), English football player Ben Toledano (born 1932), lawyer, columnist, and politician Ben Underwood (other), multiple people Ben Unwin (1977–2019), Australian actor Ben Vautier (born 1935), French Fluxus artist, also known simply as 'Ben' Ben Verweij (1895–1951), Dutch footballer Ben Wallace (born 1974), American basketball player Ben Way (born 1980), English entrepreneur Ben Whishaw (born 1980), English actor Ben Wildman-Tobriner (born 1984), American swimmer Ben Woodburn (born 1999), Welsh football player Ben Wong (born 1967), Hong Kong actor Fictional characters[edit] Ben Harper, major character on comedy series My Family Ben Kenobi, major character in the film saga, Star Wars Ben Richards, main character of The Running Man Ben Solo, major character in the Star Wars sequel trilogy Ben Parker, the uncle of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) from Marvel Comics. Ben, Bill's brother in The Railway Series and the spinoff TV series Thomas and Friends Ben Skywalker, a major character in the Star Wars expanded universe Ben Tennyson, protagonist of the Cartoon Network's Ben 10 media franchise Ben Urich, investigative journalist for The Daily Bugle in the Marvel Universe Ben Wyatt, character from Parks and Recreation Ben, a rat in the eponymous movie, and theme song sung by Michael Jackson on his LP Ben. Gentle Ben, a bear featured in an eponymous 1965 novel, and in television and movie adaptations. Old Ben, a bear at the center of the William Faulkner story The Bear Ben, or Benny, the "1980-something space guy" from The Lego Movie Talking Ben, a protagonist of the Talking Tom and Friends