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The Prix Romy Schneider
Romy Schneider
( Romy Schneider
Romy Schneider
Award) is awarded annually to a young and upcoming actress working in the French film industry. It was initiated in 1984 by the French journalists Marlène and Eugène Moineau and is named after the actress Romy Schneider (1938–1982). The prize is awarded by a jury each year in Paris in conjunction with the Prix Patrick Dewaere (formerly the Prix Jean Gabin). Recipients[edit] In 1994, the German actress Sandra Speichert
Sandra Speichert
was the first non-French –and so far the only German– recipient. The youngest recipient was Vanessa Paradis
Vanessa Paradis
(17 years old in 1990), the oldest Marie-Josée Croze (40 years old in 2010).

Year Recipient(s) Nationality

1984 Christine Boisson France

1985 Élizabeth Bourgine France

1986 Juliette Binoche France

1987 Catherine Mouchet France

1988 Fanny Bastien (fr) France

1989 Mathilda May France

1990 Vanessa Paradis France

1991 Anne Brochet France

1992 Anouk Grinberg France

1993 Elsa Zylberstein France

1994 Sandra Speichert Germany

1995 Sandrine Kiberlain France

1996 Marie Gillain Belgium

1997 Julie Gayet France

1998 Isabelle Carré France

1999 Mathilde Seigner France

2000 Clotilde Courau France

2001 Hélène de Fougerolles France

2002 Emma de Caunes France

2003 Ludivine Sagnier France

2004 Laura Smet France

2005 Cécile de France Belgium

2006 Mélanie Laurent France


not awarded

2008 Audrey Dana France

2009 Déborah François Belgium

2010 Marie-Josée Croze Canada

2011 Anaïs Demoustier France

2012 Bérénice Bejo Argentina France

2013 Céline Sallette France

2014 Adèle Exarchopoulos France

2015 Adèle Haenel[1] France

2016 Lou de Laâge[2] France


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