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PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL consists of two artists, Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn.

They have taken their name from Dr Hans Prinzhorn
Hans Prinzhorn
, who collected art by mentally ill patients under his care.


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In 2006 Prinz and Horn signed a recording contract with the New York record label DFA Records . Their debut release for the label was a self recorded and self produced 7-inch single featuring the tracks "You Are The Space Invader" and "Eat, Sleep".


They have thus far completed UK and European tour dates. The debut album was toured with a three-piece line-up (with the addition of a drummer). However, in August 2008 they headlined the Experimental Circle Tent at Offset Festival bringing the event to a close as a 2-piece (using a specially modified shared drumkit), the first time they have performed without a separate drummer. They retained this live formation for recent shows in Luxembourg, Istanbul, Bucharest and Lausanne.


Negotiations with EMI (who licensed the debut album in the UK) were protracted while the band insisted upon the inclusion of special recycling clauses, ensuring that all their record sleeves, CD sleeves and promotional material be produced using recycled materials. All releases to date have used recycled paperstock.


In 2008 their song "You Are The Space Invader" was used as the soundtrack to the HBO Cinemax trailer.

In 2007 The Sunday Telegraph included Prinzhorn Dance School's debut album in a "best 120 albums of all time" list.

In 2010 a poster of the Prinzhorn Dance School
Prinzhorn Dance School
album can be seen in the movie Greenberg . DFA Records boss James Murphy was responsible for the soundtrack.



* Prinzhorn Dance School
Prinzhorn Dance School
(DFA Records, 2007) * Clay Class (DFA, 2012)


* Home Economics (DFA, 2015)


* "You Are The Space Invader"/"Eat, Sleep" (original recording - image on white sleeve) - 7" single ( DFA Records · 2006) * "Up! Up! Up!"/"Hamworthy Sports and Leisure Centre" - 7" single ( DFA Records · 2007) * "Crackerjack Docker" - ( DFA Records · 2007) * "You Are The Space Invader" (album version - image on black sleeve) - 7" / 12" / CD single ( DFA Records · 2007) * "Seed, Crop, Harvest" - ( DFA Records · 2010) * "Split 7" with the Brian James Gang - (DFA records . 2013)


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