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The Portsmouth Earthworks
Portsmouth Earthworks
are a large prehistoric mound complex constructed by the Ohio
Hopewell culture
Hopewell culture
mound builder indigenous peoples of eastern North America (100 BCE to 500 CE).[2] The site was one of the largest earthwork ceremonial centers constructed by the Hopewell and is located at the confluence of the Scioto and Ohio Rivers, in present-day Ohio. The majority of the mound complex site is now covered by the city of Portsmouth in Scioto County, Ohio.[2] Several individual sections of the complex have been included on the National Register of Historic Places.


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Description[edit] Originally, the Portsmouth Earthworks
Portsmouth Earthworks
consisted of three sections extending over twenty miles of the Ohio River
Ohio River
valley, crossing from Ohio
to Kentucky in several places. It was surveyed and mapped by E. G. Squier in 1847 for inclusion in the seminal archaeological and anthrolopological work Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley.[3] Portsmouth Earthworks, Group B[edit]

Overview of the Horseshoe Mound

The northernmost section was made up of a number of circular enclosures, two large horseshoe-shaped enclosures, and three sets of parallel-walled roads leading away in different directions. One set of walled roads extends across the Ohio River
Ohio River
into South Portsmouth, Kentucky to the southwest to Portsmouth Earthworks, Group A. Another set of walled roads lead to the southeast where it also crossed the Ohio River
Ohio River
and lead to Portsmouth Earthworks, Group C.[3] The third set of walled roads lead to the northwest for an undetermined distance, and may point to Tremper Mound
and Works, some 5 miles away. The City of Portsmouth maintains a public park which includes one of the remaining horseshoe-shaped enclosures, known as Mound
Park, it is the only publicly accessible part of the complex.[2] Under the name Horseshoe Mound
it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.[2] Portsmouth Earthworks, Group A[edit]

One of the surviving walls

Also known as the Old Fort Earthworks (15Gp1) it is a series of rectangular enclosures near South Portsmouth in Greenup County, Kentucky. Group A is a large square enclosure with two series of parallel walls extending from the northeast and southwest corners. The Old Fort Earthworks consist of several sites, including the Old Fort Earthworks (15Gp1), Mays Mound
(15Gp16), Hicks Mound
(15Gp265), Stephenson Mound
(15Lw139), and several other unnamed mounds and enclosures. It is also the location of Lower Shawneetown, a protohistoric/historic Fort Ancient
Fort Ancient
and Shawnee
settlement and colonial trading post which are all part of the Lower Shawneetown Archeological District,[4] along with the Thompson and Hansen Sites Portsmouth Earthworks, Group C[edit] Also known as the Biggs Site
Biggs Site
(15Gp8), Group C was a large series of concentric circles surrounding a central cone mound, believed to have been built by the Adena culture. This section of the earthworks is located in Greenup County, Kentucky
Greenup County, Kentucky
several miles to the east of South Shore, but connected to Group B by a causeway. Gallery of Squier and Davis maps[edit]

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