Ports and harbours in South Africa, A port is a location on a coast or shore containing one or more harbours where ships can dock and transfer people or cargo to or from land. Port locations are selected to optimize access to land and navigable water, for commercial demand, and for shelter from wind and waves. Ports with deeper water are rarer, but can handle larger, more economical ships. Since ports throughout history handled every kind of traffic, support and storage facilities vary widely, may extend for miles, and dominate the local economy. Some ports have an important, perhaps exclusively military role. Some are just marinas.

  • This is a list of ports and harbours of South Africa. This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

List of ports and harbours in South Africa

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Port/Harbour name Province Town name Coördinates Remarks
East London Harbour Eastern Cape East London 33°1′S 27°54′E / 33.017°S 27.900°E / -33.017; 27.900 (East London Harbour)
Gans Bay Harbour Western Cape Gans Bay 34°35′S 19°20′E / 34.583°S 19.333°E / -34.583; 19.333 (Gans Bay Harbour)
Gordon's Bay Harbour Western Cape Gordon's Bay 34°9′S 18°51′E / 34.150°S 18.850°E / -34.150; 18.850 (Gorden's Bay Harbour)
Gordon's Bay Island Harbour Western Cape Gordon's Bay 34°9′S 18°51′E / 34.150°S 18.850°E / -34.150; 18.850 (Gorden's Bay Island Harbour)
Hermanus Harbour Western Cape Hermanus 34°26′S 19°13′E / 34.433°S 19.217°E / -34.433; 19.217 (Hermanus Harbour)
Hout Bay Harbour Western Cape Hout Bay 34°3′S 18°20′E / 34.050°S 18.333°E / -34.050; 18.333 (Hout Bay Harbour)
Kalk Bay Harbour Western Cape Kalk Bay 34°7′S 18°27′E / 34.117°S 18.450°E / -34.117; 18.450 (Kalk Bay Harbour)
Knysna Harbour Western Cape Knysna 34°2′S 23°2′E / 34.033°S 23.033°E / -34.033; 23.033 (Knysna Harbour)
Koeberg Nuclear Power Station Harbour Western Cape Koeberg 33°40′S 18°25′E / 33.667°S 18.417°E / -33.667; 18.417 (Kouberg Nuclear Power Station Harbour)
Lamberts Bay Harbour Western Cape Lamberts Bay 32°5′S 18°18′E / 32.083°S 18.300°E / -32.083; 18.300 (Lamberts Bay Harbour)
Mossel Bay Harbour Western Cape Mossel Bay 34°10′S 22°8′E / 34.167°S 22.133°E / -34.167; 22.133 (Mossel Bay Harbour)
Mouille Point Marina Western Cape Mouille Point 33°53′S 18°24′E / 33.883°S 18.400°E / -33.883; 18.400 (Mouille Point Marina)
Port Alfred Marina Eastern Cape Port Alfred 33°35′S 26°53′E / 33.583°S 26.883°E / -33.583; 26.883 (Port Alfred Marina)
Port Elizabeth Harbour Eastern Cape Port Elizabeth 33°57′S 25°38′E / 33.950°S 25.633°E / -33.950; 25.633 (Port Elizabeth Harbour)
Port Nolloth Northern Cape Port Nolloth 29°15′S 16°51′E / 29.250°S 16.850°E / -29.250; 16.850 (Port Nolloth)
Port of Cape Town Western Cape Cape Town 33°54′S 18°26′E / 33.900°S 18.433°E / -33.900; 18.433 (Port of Cape Town)
Port of Durban KwaZulu-Natal Durban 29°52′S 31°2′E / 29.867°S 31.033°E / -29.867; 31.033 (Port of Durban)
Port of Ngqura Eastern Cape Port Elizabeth 33°48′S 25°41′E / 33.800°S 25.683°E / -33.800; 25.683 (Port of Ngqura)
Richards Bay Harbour KwaZulu-Natal Richards Bay 28°48′S 32°5′E / 28.800°S 32.083°E / -28.800; 32.083 (Richards Bay Harbour)
Robben Island Harbour Western Cape Robben Island 33°47′51″S 18°22′37″E / 33.79750°S 18.37694°E / -33.79750; 18.37694 (Robben Island Harbour)
Saldanha Bay Harbour Western Cape Saldanha Bay 33°1′S 17°57′E / 33.017°S 17.950°E / -33.017; 17.950 (Saldanha Bay Harbour)
Simon's Town Harbour Western Cape Simon's Town 34°11′S 18°26′E / 34.183°S 18.433°E / -34.183; 18.433 (Simon's Town Harbour) Marine Base
Struis Bay Harbour Western Cape Struis Bay near Cape Aghulas 34°47′S 20°3′E / 34.783°S 20.050°E / -34.783; 20.050 (Struis Bay Harbour)