Porphyry (; el, Πορφύριος, links=no, ''Porphyrios'' "purple-clad") may refer to: * Porphyry (geology), an igneous rock with large crystals in a fine-grained matrix and important Roman building material * Porphyritic, the general igneous texture of a rock with two distinct crystal (phenocryst) sizes * Porphyry copper deposit, a primary (low grade) ore deposit of copper, consisting of porphyry rocks * Porphyry Island in Lake Superior * Porphyry Mountain in Alaska * Porphyry (philosopher) (234–305), Neoplatonic philosopher * Porphyry of Gaza (or "St. Porphyry of Gaza", 347–420), Bishop of Gaza * Porfirije, Serbian Patriarch (b. 1961), 46th Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church * Porphyry, a system of House (astrology), astrological house division * Porphyry, a vineyard near Seaham, New South Wales

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* Porfirio (disambiguation), various uses, including a Spanish surname * Porfiry, a Russian given name * ''Porphyra'', a foliose red algal genus of laver * "Porphyria's Lover", originally published as "Porphyria", a poem by Robert Browning * Porphyria, a disease * Porphyrian tree, classic device for illustrating hierarchy and ontology * Porphyrins, a group of organic compounds * Porphyrion, a giant in Greek mythology * Porphyrius the Charioteer, Roman charioteer in the 5th and 6th centuries AD * Tyrian purple or ''Porphyra'', a purple-red natural dye * Porphyrio, also known as Pomponius Porphyrion, a Latin grammarian, fl. 2nd or 3rd century * {{disambiguation, hndis