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POPULAR PRAKASHAN is an Indian independent publisher and bookseller founded in Bombay in 1924.


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In 1924, founder Ganesh R. Bhatkal, a former employee of Oxford University Press India, established the Popular Book Depot as an independent bookseller. In 1962, his successors Sadanand and Ramdas G. Bhatkal created Popular Prakashan
Popular Prakashan
Pvt. Ltd. as a publishing company.



Popular Prakashan
Popular Prakashan
specialises in cookery titles. Sanjeev Kapoor of _ Khana Khazana _ is Popular’s best-selling author and Popular has published more than 85 books by him. These are also available in Hindi , Marathi and Gujarati . Asha Khatau and Jeroo Mehta have also been published through Popular.


In 1990, Popular Prakashan
Popular Prakashan
set up a Kolkata-based associate firm, Bhatkal and Sen , for specialized publishing in the fields of culture and women’s studies. These books focus primarily on contemporary debates, grassroots movements, politics and culture as viewed from a critical and progressive standpoint. Popular Prakashan's subsidiary, Foundation B"> They have also published the Brainworks series of books in association with Leopard Learning Systems, USA, as well as other early learning titles. Shobhaa De ’s book for teenagers, _S’s Secret_, was released by Popular Prakashan
Popular Prakashan
in December 2009. It has been translated into Hindi
and Marathi .


Popular shares a relationship with Encyclopædia Britannica in India with whom it has published over a hundred titles in the last few years. With National Geographic Popular has published a series on animal life, the human body, weather and the universe. These include _Life Cycles_, _Ecosystems_ and _Animal Adaptations_. They have also published early learning books in collaboration with Modern Publishing, USA. Popular Prakashan
Popular Prakashan
have also published children's books in conjunction with