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Pompeo is both a masculine Italian given name and a surname, derived from the Roman "
Pompeius Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (; 29 September 106 BC – 28 September 48 BC), known in English as Pompey or Pompey the Great, was a leading Roman Republic, Roman general and statesman. He played a significant role in the transformation of ...
". Notable people with the name include: Given name: *
Pompeo Aldrovandi Pompeo Aldrovandi (23 September 1668 – 6 January 1752) was an italy, Italian Cardinal (Catholicism), Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. Biography Aldrovandi was born on 23 September 1668 in Bologna, then part of the Papal States, and studi ...
(1668–1752), Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church *
Pompeo Aldrovandini Pompeo Aldrovandini (1677–1735) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. Born in Bologna to a family of painters, he mainly learned from his cousin Tommaso Aldrovandini and was employed much in the decoration of churches, palaces, and the ...
(1677–1735), Italian painter of the Baroque period *
Pompeo Batoni Pompeo Girolamo Batoni (25 January 1708 – 4 February 1787) was an Italian Italian may refer to: * Anything of, from, or related to the country and nation of Italy ** Italians, an ethnic group or simply a citizen of the Italian Republic ** Ital ...

Pompeo Batoni
(1708–1787), Italian painter * Pompeo Cannicciari (1670–1744), Italian composer *
Pompeo Colonna Pompeo Colonna (12 May 1479 – 28 June 1532) was an Italian noble, ''condottiero'', politician, and cardinal (Catholic), cardinal. At the culmination of his career he was Viceroy of the Kingdom of Naples (1530-1532) for the Emperor Charles V. Bo ...

Pompeo Colonna
(1479–1532), Italian Cardinal, politician and condottiero *
Pompeo Coppini Pompeo Luigi Coppini (May 19, 1870 – September 26, 1957) was an Italian people, Italian born sculptor who emigrated to the United States. Although his works can be found in Italy, Mexico and a number of U.S. states, the majority of his work ...
(1870–1957), Italian sculptor who emigrated to the United States * Pompeo D'Ambrosio (1917–1998), Italian who became a Venezuelan businessman * Pompeo Ghitti (1631–1703), Italian painter of the Baroque period * Pompeo Landulfo (1515–1590), Italian painter of the Renaissance period *Pompeo Marchesi (born 1790), Lombard sculptor of the neoclassical school *Pompeo Posar (1921–2004), Playboy magazine staff photographer *Pompeo Targone, Italian military engineer in the service of Ambrose Spinola Surname: *Ellen Pompeo (born 1969), American actress, plays Meredith Grey on the ABC medical drama ''Grey's Anatomy'' *Mike Pompeo (born 1963), United States Secretary of State, former Director of Central Intelligence Agency, former U.S. Representative for Kansas's 4th congressional district *Isadora Pompeo (born 1999), Brazilian vlogger, singer and composer of Christian music

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* ''The Last Days of Pompeo'', a 1937 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Mattoli *Il Pompeo, a dramma per musica in 3 acts by composer Alessandro Scarlatti *Pompeo Magno (Pompeius Magnus) is an opera in three acts by Francesco Cavalli *Christophe Di Pompeo (born 1964), French politician {{given name, type=both Given names Surnames Italian masculine given names Italian-language surnames