Pomona may refer to:



* Pomona, Río Negro


*Pomona, Queensland, Australia * Pomona, New South Wales, Australia


* Pomona, Belize, a municipality in Stann Creek District


* Pomona, Tabasco, a Mayan archeological site


* Pomona, Namibia

New Zealand

* Pomona Island, New Zealand

United Kingdom

* Pomona, an old name for the Mainland of Orkney * Pomona Docks, in Manchester, England

United States

* Pomona, California * Pomona, Kansas * Pomona, Maryland * Pomona, Missouri * Pomona, New Jersey * Pomona, New York * Pomona, Tennessee, deathplace of painter John Wood Dodge * Pomona, Washington

Academic institutions

* California State Polytechnic University, Pomona * Pomona College *

Other uses

* Pomona (fruit survey), a treatise on or a survey of fruit varieties * Pomona (mythology), the Roman goddess of fruit and nut trees * ''Pomona'' (opera), a German-language opera by Reinhard Keiser * ''Pomona'' (stage play), by Alistair McDowall * Pomona station (disambiguation), train stations and tram stops * ''Pomona'', a ballet with music by Constant Lambert * "Pomona", a waltz by Emile Waldteufel * Professor Pomona Sprout, a character from the ''Harry Potter'' series by J.K. Rowling * 32 Pomona, an asteroid * The ''Herefordshire Pomona'', a nineteenth-century fruit catalogue * Pomona Electronics * HMS ''Pomona'' (1778) a 28 gun British naval frigate * ''Pomona'' (sternwheeler) was an American river steamboat launched in 1898 * ''Pomona'' (1181 tons) was an American owned emigrant ship that sank in 1859 with the loss of 389 lives

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