Armed conflicts between Poland (including the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth) and Russia (including the Soviet Union) include:

Date Conflict Poland and allies Russia and allies Result
1577–1582 Livonian campaign of Stephen Báthory during the Livonian War Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth Tsardom of Russia Polish/Swedish/Dano-Norwegian victory
1605–1618 Polish–Muscovite War Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth Tsardom of Russia Polish Victory
Autumn 1632 – Spring 1634 Smolensk War Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth Tsardom of Russia Polish victory
1654–1667 Russo-Polish War Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Crimean Khanate
Cossack allies
Tsardom of Russia
Cossack allies
Russian Victory
10 October 1733 – 3 October 1735 War of the Polish Succession (1733–1735)[1] Poland loyal to Stanisław I

Spain Spain
 Kingdom of Sardinia
 Duchy of Parma

Poland loyal to Augustus III

 Russian Empire
 Holy Roman Empire

Victory for forces (including Russia) supporting Augustus III of Poland
April 1768 – August 5, 1772 War of the Bar Confederation Bar Confederation
 Russian Empire Russian victory
18 May – 27 July 1792 Polish–Russian War of 1792 Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth  Russian Empire Russian victory
24 March – 30 November 1794 Kościuszko Uprising Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth  Russian Empire
 Russian Empire
 Holy Roman Empire

Russo-Austrian victory
22 January 1863 – 18 June 1864 January Uprising Polish National Government
and multicultural insurgents
Garibaldi Legion
 Russian Empire Russian government victory
1905–1907 Revolution in the Kingdom of Poland (1905–1907)3 Polish revolutionaries  Russian Empire Russian government victory
18 November 1918 – February 1919 Soviet westward offensive of 1918–19  Poland
White Movement
German Empire Ober Ost
Supported by
 United Kingdom
 Russian SFSR Polish victory
14 February 1919 – 18 March 1921 Polish-Soviet War  Poland
 Russian SFSR
 Ukrainian SSR
Polish victory
17 September – 6 October 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland  Poland  Soviet Union
Soviet victory
1944 – 1946 Anti-communist resistance in Poland (1944–1946) Cursed soldiers 1 Originally a Polish civil war that Russia, among others, became involved in.
2 Originally a Hungarian revolution but was joined with Polish force on Hungarian side against Austria and Russia.
3 Part of the broader Russian Revolution of 1905.

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