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Police ranks are a system of
hierarchical A hierarchy (from the Greek: , from , 'president of sacred rites') is an arrangement of items (objects, names, values, categories, etc.) in which the items are represented as being "above", "below", or "at the same level as" one another. Hierarch ...

relationships in
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organizations. The rank system defines authority and responsibility in a police organization, and affects the culture within the police force. Police ranks, dependent on country, are similar to
military ranks Military ranks are a system of hierarchical relationships in armed forces A military, also known collectively as armed forces, is a heavily armed, highly organized force primarily intended for warfare. It is typically officially author ...
in function and design due to policing in many countries developing from military organizations and operations, such as in western Europe, former USSR, Soviet countries, and British Empire, English-speaking countries. Usually, uniforms denote the bearer's rank by particular insignia affixed to the uniforms. Rank is not only used to designate leadership, but to establish pay-grade as well. As rank increases, pay-grade follows, but so does the amount of responsibility.




Antigua and Barbuda


Argentine Federal Police

;Officers ;Others

Buenos Aires Provincial Police







;Commissioners ;Leading officers ;Supervising officers and police officers


;Officers ;Enlisted


;Superior officers ;Subordinate officers


;Officers ;Other




;Officers ;Others

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Republika Srpska

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Brazil has several different police forces, each with its own ranks. At a federal level, there are the Federal Police of Brazil, Federal Police ( pt, Polícia Federal, the equivalent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI), the Federal Highway Police (Brazil), Federal Highway Police () and the Federal Railroad Police ( pt, Polícia Ferroviária Federal). At a state level, there are the Military Police (Brazil), Military Police (, a gendarmerie type force unlike the military police of many other countries, the Brazilian equivalent of which is the Army Police (Brazil), Army Police) and the Civil Police (Brazil), Civil Police (). At a city level, there is the Municipal Guards ().

Civil Police

Military Police

The following details the ranks of the Military Police, which are also used by the National Public Security Force. The ranks are valid for the state military police agencies (such as the Military Police of Military Police of Minas Gerais State, Minas Gerais, Military Police of São Paulo State, São Paulo, Military Police of Rio de Janeiro State, Rio de Janeiro and others) and are listed, respectively, from higher to lower ranks: ;Officers ;Others


;Gazetted officers ;Non gazetted officers


;Officers ;Others


While some smaller or area specific police forces (ports, docks, tunnels etc.) may use variations on, or fewer of, these ranks, most territorial police forces and special police forces have a standard set of operational ranks based on either of the two systems shown here:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

;Officers ;Others

Sûreté du Québec


;Officers ;Enlisted


These are the ranks used by Chilean police services. ''Investigations Police of Chile'' (''PDI'') ''Officers'' * * * * * * * * * * * Since 2017 this agency has rank insignia.

Carabineros de Chile

;Officers ;Non-commissioned officers and enlisted


People's Police

Chinese police officers under the Ministry of Public Security (China), Ministry of Public Security use rank insignia on both side of shoulders on the duty uniform. Senior officers ranking at commissioner and superintendent levels wear these on the white collar uniforms, and for inspector level and below, officers wear them on the sky blue collar uniforms. ;Officers ;Others

People's Armed Police

The People's Armed Police, as part of the People's Liberation Army, uses the same ranks and uniform as the PLA itself, while the China Maritime Safety Administration uses a different system. ;Officers ;Non-commissioned officers and men Units of the China Coast Guard wear identical insignia as a part of the PAP.


;Officers ;Non-commissioned officers and enlisted


;Regular police ranks


Czech Republic

;Officers ;Others



;Officers ;Others


;Officers ;Others


The rank structure of the Law enforcement in Ethiopia#Ethiopian Federal Police, Ethiopian Federal Police is as follows: * Commissioner general * Deputy commissioner general * Commissioner * Deputy commissioner * Assistant commissioner * Commander * Deputy commander * Chief inspector * Inspector * Deputy inspector * Assistant inspector * Chief sergeant * Sergeant * Deputy sergeant * Assistant sergeant * Constable




''Police Nationale''


;Officers ;Non-commissioned offices and Volunteer assistant gendarmes


;Higher Police Service ;Elevated Police Service ;Middle Police Service ;Police support employees


;Officers ;NCO and enlisted


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Government Gazette, Gazetted

*Commissioner of Police (Hong Kong), Commissioner of police (CP) (Traditional Chinese: ): crest over pip over wreathed and crossed batons *Deputy Commissioner, Deputy commissioner of police (DCP) (Traditional Chinese: ): crest over wreathed and crossed batons *Assistant Commissioner, Senior assistant commissioner of police (SACP) (Traditional Chinese: ): pip over wreathed and crossed batons *Assistant Commissioner, Assistant commissioner of police (ACP) (Traditional Chinese: ): wreathed and crossed batons *Superintendent (police), Chief superintendent of police (CSP) (Traditional Chinese: ): crest over two pips *Superintendent (police), Senior superintendent of police (SSP) (Traditional Chinese: ): crest over pip *Superintendent (police), Superintendent of police (SP) (Traditional Chinese: ): crest


*Chief inspector of police (CIP) (Traditional Chinese: ): three pips *Senior inspector of police (SIP) (Traditional Chinese: ): two pips over bar *Inspector, Inspector of police (IP) (Traditional Chinese: ): two pips *Inspector, Probationary inspector of police (PI) (Traditional Chinese: ): pip

Junior police officers (JPOs)

''Non-commissioned officers (NCOs)'' *Station Sergeant (Hong Kong), Station sergeant (SSGT) (Traditional Chinese: ): wreathed crest *Sergeant (SGT) (Traditional Chinese: ): three downward-pointing chevrons ''Rank and file'' *Police Constable, Senior constable (SPC) (Traditional Chinese: ): downward-pointing chevron *Police constable (PC) (Traditional Chinese: ): slide with ID number


;Officers ;Others




;Gazetted officers Gazetted officers include all the Indian Police Service officers and all State Police Services (India), state police services officers of and above the rank of assistant superintendent of police (ASP) or deputy superintendent of police (Dy.SP) in the Indian Police Service and State Police Service forces respectively. ;Non-gazetted officers


;Officers ;Others


;Officers ;Others


The Iraqi Police is made up of three branches, under the command of the Ministry of Interior (Iraq), Iraqi Ministry of Interior, these being the Iraqi Police Service which tasked with general patrol of Iraq's cities, the Federal Police (earlier was called National Police) which are a paramilitary organisation which deals with incidents that are beyond the control of the Iraqi Police, but are not so serious the Iraqi Army are involved, and the supporting force that is made up of the Department of Border Enforcement. Iraqi Police officers ranks are the same that of Iraqi army ordered lowest to highest with symbol on epaulette:



Republic of Ireland


;Officers ;Others


Polizia di Stato


Officers Others



The Kenya Police wear badges of rank on the shoulders (Inspector-general of police#Kenya, inspector-general – inspector) and sleeve (senior sergeant – constable) of their uniform to denote their rank. In line with the ongoing reforms, the uniforms committee is also working on new insignia for the revised rank structure, which will have to be approved by the National Police Service Commission. The order of Kenya Police ranks is as follows: * Inspector-general of police#Kenya, Inspector-general (formerly commissioner of police) * Deputy inspector general of police, Deputy inspector-general * Chief Constable, Senior assistant inspector-general * Assistant Chief Constable, Assistant inspector-general * Chief Superintendent, Senior superintendent * Superintendent (police), Superintendent * Assistant superintendent * Chief inspector * Inspector * Senior sergeant * Sergeant#Police 7, Sergeant * Constable#United Kingdom, Constable

South Korea

Ranks: * Police officer () ** Newly commissioned officers are appointed as ''policeman assistant'' () for a one year probationary period. The uniform and insignia of an assistant are identical to those of a policeman. * Auxiliary Police#South Korea, Auxiliary policeman () **Sergeant constable (수경, 首警) **Corporal constable (상경, 上警) **Private constable first class (일경, 一警) **Private constable (이경, 二警)


;Officers ;Enlisted


The rank system of the State Police (Latvia), Latvian State Police is as follows:



;Officers ;Other


The Grand Ducal Police of Luxembourg has the following ranks (from top to bottom):"Grades et uniformes. 29/01/2020" ''Police Lëtzebuerg.''
Retrieved 2020-03-04.


The Public Security Police Force of Macau (CPSP) includes the following categories, ranks and respective main functions : * Senior ranks *:Superintendent general (): commander of the CPSP *:superintendent (police), Superintendent (): deputy commander of the CPSP *:Intendent (): commanding officer of level I units *:Sub-Intendent (): commanding officer of level II units *:Police commissioner, Commissioner (): commanding officer of level III units *:Sub-commissioner (): commanding officer of level IV units *:Chief (): commanding officer of level V units *:Sub-chief (): coordinator of complex tasks * Basic ranks *:Principal constable (): coordinator of simple tasks *:Constable first class (): executor of operational, technical or administrative tasks *:Constable (): executor of operational, technical or administrative tasks

North Macedonia


;Gazetted officers ;Non-gazetted officers




According to the General Law for the National System for Public Security, the federal, state and municipal police forces are mandated to have the same hierarchical organization. In addition, the national guard uses its own rank system.

National guard

The national guard was formed by absorbing units and officers from the Federal Police (Mexico), federal police, Mexican Army, military police, and Mexican Navy, naval police. ;Commissioned officers ;Basic scale ladder

Yucatán State Police


;Officers ;Other


;Commissioned officers ;Enlisted ranks



;National police corps

Royal Marechaussee

Officers Others

New Zealand


;Officers ;Others



The following ranks are observed in the various police organisations across Pakistan (lowest to highest ranks) * Constable * Head constable (HC) * Assistant sub-inspector (ASI) * Sub-inspector (SI) * Inspector (IP) * Deputy superintendent of police (DSP)/ Assistant superintendent of police (ASP) OF 2 * Superintendent of police (SP) OF 4 * Senior superintendent of police (SSP) OF 5 * Deputy inspector general of police (DIG) one star OF 6 * Additional inspector general of police (Add.IG) two star OF 7 * Director General Federal Investigation Agency (DG FIA) three star OF 8 *Director General Intelligence Bureau (DG IB) three star OF 8 *Director General National Police Bureau (DG NPB) three star OF 8 * Inspector general of police (IGP) three star OF 8


;Commissioned officer ranks ;Other ranks


;Officers ;Others



;Officers ;Others


Polish State Police

;Officers ;Other


The Polícia de Segurança Pública, public security police (PSP) of Portugal includes the following categories, ranks, insignia and respective main functions: * Officers ** ''Chief superintendent'': national director of the PSP, ** ''Chief superintendent'': deputy national director or inspector general of the PSP ** ''Chief superintendent'': commanding officer of a metropolitan or regional command ** ''Superintendent (police), Superintendent'': commanding officer of a district command or second-in-command of a metropolitan or regional command ** ''Intendent'': division commander in a metropolitan or regional command or second-in-command of a district command ** ''Sub-intendent'': division commander in a district command or second-in-command of a division commanded by an intendent ** ''Police commissioner, Commissioner'': second-in-command of a division commanded by a sub-intendent ** ''Sub-commissioner'': commanding officer of a police squad (police station) * Chiefs ** ''Principal chief'': auxiliary of a unit commanding officer ** ''Chief'': supervisor of staff and leader of police teams * Agents ** ''Principal agent'': a senior principal agent who may perform the same functions as a chief, others perform the same functions as an agent ** ''Agent'': functions of police constable * ISCPSI students: ** ''Officer candidate'': student of the fifth year of the training course for police officers (CFOP) ** ''Cadet'': student of the fourth year of the CFOP ** ''Cadet'': student of the third year of the CFOP ** ''Cadet'': student of the second year of the CFOP ** ''Cadet'': student of the first year of the CFOP

National Republican Guard

;Officers ;Others


Romanian Police

;Police officers' corps () ;Police agents' corps ()

Romanian Gendarmerie

;Commissioned officers ;Others


Police of Russia

;Officers ;Other ranks

Main Directorate for Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of Interior criminal investigators have jurisdiction over cases concerning harm to health, crimes against property, economic crimes, drug trafficking, banditry and other such cases. ;Officers ;Enlisted

Investigative Committee of Russia

The Investigative Committee of Russia has jurisdiction over cases concerning murder, rape, kidnapping, encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer and other such cases.

Federal Security Service

The Federal Security Service has jurisdiction over cases of treason, espionage, terrorism, hostage-taking and other crimes against national security. ;Officers ;Enlisted

San Marino


;Officers ;Enlisted


*General of the police () *Chief police adviser/counselor () *Police adviser/counselor () *Chief police inspector () *Independent police inspector () *Police inspector () *Police sergeant () *Junior police sergeant 1st Class () *Junior police sergeant () *Independent policeman () *Senior policeman () *Policeman 1st class () *Policeman () *Junior policeman 1st class () *Junior policeman ()


Below shown are the Singapore Police Force#Ranks, rank structure of the Singapore Police Force. Latest changes made to the ranks of the SPF were made in 2016. Officers with ranks that were made obsolete would continue to carry their ranks until their next promotion. ;Officers ;Others



;Officers ;Enlisted

South Africa

;Officers ;Other


;Cuerpo Nacional de Policía ;''Guardia civil'' – Civil guard

Sri Lanka

;Gazetted officers ;Non-gazetted officers



Municipal police corps in the Canton of Zürich


;National Police Agency (Republic of China), National Police Agency ; Republic of China Military Police


;Gazetted officers ;Non gazetted officers


;Commissioned officers ;Other


;Officers ;Other ranks


The ranks used by the National Guard of Ukraine are the same as the ones used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. ;Officers ;Junior officers

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

United Kingdom

United States

The United States law enforcement ranking model is generally quasi-military in structure. Each level of law enforcement (federal, state, and local) has its own rank structure and insignia, and these vary considerably from agency to agency. There is no nationally set law enforcement rank and insignia structure but they tend to follow similar patterns. Because of that, this is not an exhaustive list.


The United States Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice and the United States Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contain multiple law enforcement agencies and are the largest federal departments responsible for law enforcement; however, other governmental departments and agencies have law enforcement bodies. Each federal law enforcement agency has a unique rank structure. Many federal law enforcement agencies rank structures resemble Military rank structure but have different cogitations regarding responsibilities and duties. In general, all law enforcement groups in United States follow a similar pattern: Director/Chief, Assistant/Deputy Director/Chief, Special agent in charge, Assistant special agent in charge, Supervisory special agent, Special agent. ;Example ;United States Border Patrol


State law enforcement agencies often have a pronounced paramilitary rank structure with rank titles such as: Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal, Trooper. ;Example ;Alabama Highway Patrol and Alabama Department of Public Safety


County Sheriffs are usually elected, Chiefs of County police#United States, County Police Departments are appointed. In a Sheriff's Department common ranks are Undersheriff, Assistant Sheriff (large departments) Senior Deputy Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, while in a county police department paramilitary titles may be used, which also are to be found in large sheriff's departments. ;Example of a sheriff's department ;Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office, Santa Clara County, California ;Example of a county police department ;Anne Arundel County Police Department, Anne Arundel County, Maryland


Law enforcement in the United States#Municipal, Municipal or city police departments can use paramilitary ranks or more distinct police ranks, or a combination of both. Commissioners or Chiefs are normally heading the departments, aided by commanders and inspectors or colonels or majors. Captain, lieutenant and sergeant are standard ranks. Below them are corporals, detectives, police officers. ;Example of a city police department ;Aurora Police Department, Aurora Police Department, Colorado


National Police of Uruguay


;Commissioned officers ;Non-commissioned personnel

Vatican City State

;Officers ;Others



;Students and officers ;NCOs and enlisted


;Commissioned officers ;Non-commissioned officers

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