Plurality may refer to:

  • Plurality (church governance), a type of Christian church polity in which decisions are made by a committee
  • Plurality (company), an Israeli semiconductor company
  • Plurality (voting), the most votes for any choice in an election, but not necessarily a majority
    • Plurality voting system, system in which each voter votes for one candidate and the candidate with a plurality is elected
    • Plurality-at-large voting or block voting, system for electing several representatives from a single electoral district
  • Plurality opinion, in a decision by a multi-member court, an opinion held by more judges than any other but not by an overall majority
  • Plural, a linguistic form commonly used to denote two or more of something
  • One of the "twelve pure concepts of the understanding" proposed by Kant in his Critique of Pure Reason
  • The holding of more than one benefice

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