Placeholder names



Placeholder may refer to:


* Placeholder name, a term or terms referring to something or somebody whose name is not known or, in that particular context, is not significant or relevant. * Filler text, text generated to fill space or provide unremarkable and/or standardised text. * Lorem ipsum, a standard Latin text most commonly used to demonstrate a font, typography or layout.

Mathematics and computer science

* Free variable, a symbol subsequently replaced by a value or string. * Interpoled variable of a ''string interpolation'' process. * Metasyntactic variable, a placeholder name (see above) as used in computer science. * Format placeholder, used in computing to format strings within print functions (printf).

Other uses

* Line stander, a person standing in a queue for another. * Placeholder (politics), a person temporarily appointed to an office that would otherwise remain vacant.

See also

* Filler (disambiguation) * Spacer (disambiguation) * Stand-in * Substitute (disambiguation) {{disambiguation