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Piya Basanti
Piya Basanti
is a Hindi
album released on 28 November 2000. Sultan Khan and K. S. Chithra
K. S. Chithra
are the singers and Sandesh Shandilya is the composer. The album was a runaway success and was certified Gold.[1] After huge success of this Album
most of the people in the North India called singer K S Chitra
K S Chitra
as "Piya Basanti".This was the Chithra's one of the career best works in Bollywood. The album went on becoming a huge success such that it won an International Viewer Choice award from MTV. Soundtrack[edit]

Track Listing

No. Title Singer(s) Length

1. " Piya Basanti
Piya Basanti
Re" Sultan Khan & K.S.Chithra 4:36

2. "Surmayi Ankhen" Sultan Khan & K.S.Chitra 5:47

3. "Koi Pyaar" Sultan Khan 5:32

4. "Sham Dhale" Sultan Khan & K.S.Chitra 4:32

5. "Chale Re" K.S.Chitra & Chorus (Sultan Khan- Additional Vocals) 4:56

6. "Sawan Rut Ayi" Sultan Khan & K.S.Chitra 5:39

7. "Dhee More" Sultan Khan 7:43

8. "Rangeelo Rut" Sultan Khan & K.S.Chitra 4:48

The accompanying music video for "Piya Basanti" and "Surmayi Aankhen" featured newcomer acts Nauheed Cyrusi
Nauheed Cyrusi
and Donovan Wodehouse. Awards[edit]

Won International Viewer's Choice Award at the 2001 MTV
Video Music Awards in the Hindi
pop genre.[2]


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