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The Pirot
District (Serbian: Пиротски Oкруг / Pirotski Okrug, pronounced [pǐroːtskiː ôkruːɡ]) is one of nine administrative districts of Southern and Eastern Serbia. It expands to the south-eastern parts of Serbia. According to the 2011 census results, it has a population of 92,277 inhabitants. The administrative center is the city of Pirot.


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Municipalities[edit] It encompasses the city of Pirot
and the following municipalities:

Bela Palanka Babušnica Dimitrovgrad


Historical population

Year Pop. ±%

1948 160,285 —    

1953 157,360 −1.8%

1961 145,785 −7.4%

1971 136,008 −6.7%

1981 127,427 −6.3%

1991 116,926 −8.2%

2002 105,564 −9.7%

2011 92,479 −12.4%

Source: [1]

According to the 2011 census results, Pirot
District has a population of 92,479 inhabitants. Ethnic groups[edit]


Serbs = 77,379 (83,67%) Bulgarians = 6,602 (7,14%) Roma = 4,306 (4,66%) others

History and culture[edit] The first mention of Pirot
are found already in the second century A.D. In its vicinity is the church from the thirteenth century: the Church of St. Petka, and the monastery of St. John the Theologist from the late fourteenth century displays a fine example of the Serb medieval architecture. Features[edit] Medicinal water from the Zvonci Spa (Zvonačka Banja), a health resort, was used already in the ancient times, and natural beauties of this region are renounced throughout Serbia. The oldest craft, today an industry, is Rug-making: the weaving trade, by which this region has gained its world-wide fame. Economy[edit] The most of the facilities of the Pirot
economic organizations are located in the industrial zone: the "Tigar" rubber industry, the "Prvi maj" textile industry, and the "Suko" paints and varnishes industry. See also[edit]

Administrative divisions of Serbia Districts of Serbia


^ "2011 Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in the Republic of Serbia" (PDF). stat.gov.rs. Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia. Retrieved 12 January 2017. 

Note: All official material made by Government of Serbia
is public by law. Information was taken from official website.

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