Pingxiang (Chinese: 凭祥市; pinyin: Píngxiáng Shì; Zhuang: Bingzsiengz Si) is a county-level city in the municipal region of Chongzuo in southern China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.


The city covers an area of 650 km². It is bordered in the north by Longzhou County (Chinese: 龙州县) and in the east by Ningming County (Chinese: 宁明县), both in Chongzuo, and in the south and west by Vietnam.

National Route 322 comes through the city centre, as does the railway which continues on to Hanoi; a high-speed expressway, now also international, passes nearby.

Zhennan Pass, site of the Battle of Bang Bo during the Sino-French War, is now named the "Friendship Pass" and is considered the gateway to Vietnam.

There are also plans to build a high-speed railway from Nanning to the Vietnamese border.[1]



Pingxiang has a population of approximately 106,400 (83.5% of the people belong to the Zhuang ethnic group, 2010).[2] Ethnic groups include Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Jing, and others.

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Coordinates: 22°06′02″N 106°45′01″E / 22.10056°N 106.75028°E / 22.10056; 106.75028