The Pingxi Line (Chinese: 平溪線; Hanyu Pinyin: Píngxī Xiàn; Tongyong Pinyin: Píngsi Siàn; Wade–Giles: P'ing2-hsi1 Hsien4) is a 12.9 km long, single-track[1] railway branch line of the Taiwan Railway Administration. It runs through Ruifang and Pingxi Districts in New Taipei City.


The railroad was originally built to transport coal. It was completed in July 1921, during Japanese rule.


All trains have through service to the Yilan Line. Most trains terminate at either Houtong or Ruifang. Other trains go as far as Badu.


Station Name Transfers and Notes Location
Hanyu Tongyong Chinese
Sandiaoling 三貂嶺 Taiwan Railways Administration Yilan Line Ruifang New Taipei
Dahua 大華 Pingxi
Shifen Shihfen 十分
Wanggu 望古
Lingjiao 嶺腳
Pingxi Pingsi 平溪
Jingtong 菁桐


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