Pingguo (; za|Bingzgoj Si) is a city of west-central Guangxi, China. It is the easternmost county-level division of the prefecture-level city of Baise. Two thirds of the population are Zhuang. The Pingguo Industry Park hosts an important part of China's aluminum industry. Since 2009, an ITF international tennis tournament has been held annually in Pingguo.

Administrative divisions

There are 9 towns and 3 townships in the city: Towns: *Matou (马头镇), Xin'an (新安镇), Guohua (果化镇), Taiping (太平镇), Pozao (坡造镇), Sitang (四塘镇), Jiucheng (旧城镇), Bangxu (榜圩镇), Fengwu Town (风梧镇) Townships: *Haicheng Township (海城乡), Liming Township (黎明乡), Tonglao Township (同老乡)


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* Pingguoyuan (disambiguation) - various place name


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