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The Ping Island (Chinese: 苹岛 or 萍洲; pinyin: píng dǎo or píng zhōu) is a river island with a general perimeter of about 600 metres (2,000 ft) and an area of 0.6 square kilometres (0.23 sq mi)[1] in the middle north of Lingling District, Yongzhou, Hunan. Ping Island is one of the main attractions in Yongzhou. Ping Island is located at the confluence of the east branch and west branch (from Guangxi) of the (Xiao River), and the main course of the Xiang River.[2][3] References[edit]

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Coordinates: 26°15′07″N 111°36′18″E / 26.252°N 111.605°E / 26.252; 111.605

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