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Pierre Frank Watkin (December 29, 1889 – February 3, 1960) was an American character actor in many films, serials, and television series from the 1930s through the 1950s, especially westerns. He is perhaps best remembered for being the father of Eleanor Twitchell, the lady who captures Lou Gehrig's heart in Pride of the Yankees
Pride of the Yankees


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Stage[edit] Watkin was born in Sioux City, Iowa. In the 1920s, he had his own theatrical troupe, the Pierre Watkin Players. In 1927, the group moved its headquarters from Sioux Falls to Lincoln, Nebraska.[2] Film[edit] Watkin portrayed Perry White
Perry White
in both of the Superman serials of the late 1940s, which starred Kirk Alyn
Kirk Alyn
as the title character and Noel Neill as Lois Lane. Television[edit] Watkin played a few different characters in the television series Adventures of Superman, in which John Hamilton played Perry White. He was set to reprise his role as the editor of The Daily Planet
The Daily Planet
in a revival of the series in 1959, as Hamilton had died in the interim since the cancellation of the original series. However, series star George Reeves
George Reeves
also died in the summer of 1959, and those plans ended. Watkin himself died six months later. He also cast in 1955 in the episode "Joey and the Gypsies" of the NBC children's western series Fury. Watkin guest starred in the CBS western series Brave Eagle. He was cast twice each on the ABC/Warner Brothers series, Cheyenne (as Harvey Sinclair in "The Law Man") and Annie Oakley (as the Reverend Mills in the 1956 episode "The Reckless Press"). In 1958, Watkin portrayed Dr. Breen of Samaritan Hospital in the episode "San Francisco Story" of Rex Allen's syndicated western series, Frontier Doctor. During the first season of CBS's Perry Mason from 1957 to 1958, Watkin appeared in three episodes as Judge Keetley. He was also cast during the 1950s on The Range Rider, Tales of the Texas Rangers, in three episodes of the western aviation adventure series Sky King, and five times on The Jack Benny Program. Watkin played the part of Colonel Duncan in the 1958 episode "Decoy" of the ABC/ Warner Brothers
Warner Brothers
western series Colt .45.[3] Partial filmography[edit]

Dangerous (1935) Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
(1936) (uncredited) Forgotten Faces (1936) Swing Time (1936) (uncredited) Wanted! Jane Turner (1936) (uncredited) It Had to Happen (1936) Bunker Bean (1936) Country Gentlemen (1936) Waikiki Wedding
Waikiki Wedding
(1937) Larceny on the Air
Larceny on the Air
(1937) Green Light (1937) Sea Devils (1937) Internes Can't Take Money
Internes Can't Take Money
(1937) The Go Getter (1937) Ever Since Eve
Ever Since Eve
(1937) Racketeers in Exile (1937) Breezing Home (1937) The Singing Marine
The Singing Marine
(1937) Stage Door
Stage Door
(1937) Breakfast for Two
Breakfast for Two
(1937) Girls' School (1938) Girls on Probation
Girls on Probation
(1938) King of Alcatraz (1938) Tip-Off Girls
Tip-Off Girls
(1938) Young Dr. Kildare
Young Dr. Kildare
(1938) The Lady Objects (1938) There's That Woman Again (1938) King of the Underworld (1939) as District Attorney Wings of the Navy
Wings of the Navy
(1939) Society Lawyer
Society Lawyer
(1939) The Adventures of Jane Arden
The Adventures of Jane Arden
(1939) Fast and Loose (1939) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
(1939) as Senate Minority Leader The Covered Trailer
The Covered Trailer
(1939) Geronimo (1939) The Great Victor Herbert
The Great Victor Herbert
(1939) The Saint Takes Over
The Saint Takes Over
(1940) I Love You Again
I Love You Again
(1940) Captain Caution
Captain Caution
(1940) Father Is a Prince (1940) The Bank Dick
The Bank Dick
(1940) Out West with the Peppers (1940) Five Little Peppers in Trouble (1940) No Time for Comedy
No Time for Comedy
(1940) Hired Wife (1940) Road to Singapore
Road to Singapore
(1940) The Green Hornet Strikes Again! (1940 serial) Cheers for Miss Bishop
Cheers for Miss Bishop
(1941) A Man Betrayed (1941) Meet John Doe
Meet John Doe
(1941) Nevada City (1941) Great Guns
Great Guns
(1941) She Knew all the Answers (1941) Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring (1941) Jesse James at Bay
Jesse James at Bay
(1941) Nazi Agent
Nazi Agent
(1942) Obliging Young Lady
Obliging Young Lady
(1942) The Adventures of Martin Eden
The Adventures of Martin Eden
(1942) Heart of the Rio Grande
Heart of the Rio Grande
(1942) The Magnificent Dope
The Magnificent Dope
(1942) The Pride of the Yankees
Pride of the Yankees
(1942) as Mr. Twitchell Whistling in Dixie
Whistling in Dixie
(1942) Cinderella Swings It
Cinderella Swings It
(1943) Swing Shift Maisie
Swing Shift Maisie
(1943) What a Woman! (1943) Thousands Cheer
Thousands Cheer
(1943) It Ain't Hay
It Ain't Hay
(1943) Old Acquaintance
Old Acquaintance
(1943) Jungle Woman
Jungle Woman
(1944) Dead Man's Eyes
Dead Man's Eyes
(1944) Weekend Pass (1944) Oh, What a Night! (1944) Docks of New York
Docks of New York
(1945) Keep Your Powder Dry
Keep Your Powder Dry
(1945) Strange Illusion
Strange Illusion
(1945) Here Come the Co-Eds
Here Come the Co-Eds
(1945) Thrill of a Romance
Thrill of a Romance
(1945) Mr. Muggs Rides Again (1945) Two Years Before the Mast
Two Years Before the Mast
(1945) The Phantom Speaks
The Phantom Speaks
(1945) Allotment Wives
Allotment Wives
(1945) Incendiary Blonde
Incendiary Blonde
(1945) Adventure (1945) as Mr. Buckley (uncredited) Three's a Crowd (1945) I'll Tell the World
I'll Tell the World
(1945) Miss Susie Slagle's
Miss Susie Slagle's
(1945) Divorce (1945) Dakota (1945) The Shadow Returns
The Shadow Returns
(1946) Little Giant
Little Giant
(1946) Swamp Fire
Swamp Fire
(1946) Behind the Mask (1946) The Missing Lady (1946) Claudia and David (1946) I Ring Doorbells (1946) Monsieur Verdoux
Monsieur Verdoux
(1947) (uncredited) Hard Boiled Mahoney
Hard Boiled Mahoney
(1947) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) (uncredited) Her Husband's Affairs (1947) The Hunted (1948) State of the Union (1948) Shanghai Chest
Shanghai Chest
(1948) Don't Trust your Husband (1948) The Strange Mrs. Crane (1948) Superman (1948 serial) An Innocent Affair
An Innocent Affair
(1948) The Counterfeiters (1948) Siren of Atlantis (1949) Knock on Any Door
Knock on Any Door
(1949) (uncredited) Hold That Baby! (1949) The Fountainhead (1949) (uncredited) The Story of Seabiscuit
The Story of Seabiscuit
(1949) Neptune's Daughter (1949) Samson and Delilah (1949) (uncredited) Radar Secret Service (1950) The Big Hangover
The Big Hangover
(1950) as Samuel C. Lang Atom Man vs. Superman
Atom Man vs. Superman
(1950 serial) Sunset in the West (1950) Southside 1-1000
Southside 1-1000
(1950) The Second Face (1950) Three Little Words (1950) Two Lost Worlds
Two Lost Worlds
(1950) In Old Amarillo
In Old Amarillo
(1951) Hold That Line (1952) Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders
Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders
(1953 serial) The Stranger Wore a Gun (1953) Johnny Dark (1954) About Mrs. Leslie
About Mrs. Leslie
(1954) The Big Bluff
The Big Bluff
(1955) Creature with the Atom Brain (1955) The Maverick Queen
The Maverick Queen
(1956) Shake, Rattle & Rock! (1956) Don't Knock the Rock
Don't Knock the Rock
(1956) Spook Chasers (1957) Pal Joey (1957) (uncredited) Flying Fontaines (1959) as Doctor (uncredited)


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