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The Piccolomini Altarpiece
Piccolomini Altarpiece
is an architectural and sculptural altarpiece in the left-nave of Siena Cathedral, commissioned by cardinal Francesco Todeschini Piccolomini. It was built between 1481 and 1485 by Andrea Bregno
Andrea Bregno
in Carrara marble, with additions in the following decades – these included four niche sculptures produced between 1501 and 1504 by Michelangelo
of saints Peter, Augustine (later resculpted as Saint Pius), Paul and Gregory.

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List of works Key: *Attributed, †Lost


Florence, c. 1488–1492

†Head of a Faun Madonna of the Stairs Battle of the Centaurs Crucifix

Bologna, 1494–1495

Additions to the Arca di San Domenico
Arca di San Domenico
(St Petronius, St Proclus, Angel)

Rome, 1496–1500

†Sleeping Cupid Bacchus †Standing Cupid Pietà

Florence, 1501–1505

David Madonna of Bruges Additions to the Piccolomini Altarpiece
Piccolomini Altarpiece
(Saints Peter, Paul, Pius and Gregory) Pitti Tondo Taddei Tondo St. Matthew *Rothschild Bronzes

Tomb of Pope Julius II, 1505–1545

Moses Rebellious Slave Dying Slave Young Slave Bearded Slave Atlas Slave Awakening Slave The Genius of Victory Rachel Leah

Florence, 1516–1534

Christ Carrying the Cross Medici Chapel

Giuliano de' Medici Night Day Dusk Dawn Medici Madonna

Apollo Crouching Boy

Rome, 1534–1564

Brutus Florentine Pietà *Palestrina Pietà Rondanini Pietà


Panel paintings

The Torment of Saint Anthony Manchester Madonna The Entombment Doni Tondo †Leda and the Swan

Salone dei Cinquecento

†Battle of Cascina

Sistine Chapel


Separation of Light from Darkness The Creation of the Sun, Moon and Vegetation The Creation of Adam

The Last Judgment

Cappella Paolina

The Martyrdom of St Peter The Conversion of Saul



New Sacristy and Laurentian Library
Laurentian Library
in the Basilica of San Lorenzo


Piazza del Campidoglio Palazzo Farnese St. Peter's Basilica San Giovanni dei Fiorentini Porta Pia Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri


Works on paper

Study of a Kneeling Nude Girl for The Entombment Male Back With a Flag Epifania


Cecchino dei Bracci Tommaso dei Cavalieri Vittoria Colonna Ascanio Condivi Gherardo Perini Sebastiano del Piombo Febo di Poggio Luigi del Riccio


Art patronage of Julius II Casa Buonarroti Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects Michelangelo
and the Medici Replicas of David Replicas of the Pietà Restoration of the Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel
frescoes The Titan: Story of Michelangelo
(1950 documentary) The Agony and the Ecstasy (1961 novel, 1965 film)

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