Phi Delta Phi (ΦΔΦ) is an international legal honor society and the oldest legal organization in continuous existence in the United States. Predating even the American Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi was originally a fraternity; however, it became an honor society in 2012. Until its switch to becoming an honor society in 2012, Phi Delta Phi was the oldest professional fraternity in continuous existence. The fraternity was founded at the University of Michigan in 1869 "to promote a higher standard of professional ethics."


Phi Delta Phi Fraternity was founded in the law department of the University of Michigan by John M. Howard of the class of 1871. Howard was a graduate of Monmouth College and member of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI). His initial intent was to found a chapter of FIJI at the University, but he did not follow through with the plan because of the large number of chapters already in place on the campus. Howard instead turned his efforts toward founding a fraternity devoted purely to students of the legal profession.

Notable members

U.S. Presidents

(term served in office)

Supreme Court of the United States Justices

(term served on the Court)

Supreme Court of Canada Justices

(term served on the Court)

Other notable members

Mexico notable members

  • Jesus Tetsuji Tamashiro Paz- Past International President of the Fraternity
  • Ministro Genaro Gongora Pimentel
  • Lic. Rodrigo Sanchez-Mejorada V.
  • Aldo Álvarez Martínez
  • Iliana Granadino Martens
  • Mariana Ogaz Diaz
  • Lic.Mario Marín Torres
  • Dr. Guillermo Deloya Cobían
  • Armando Mier Revilla
  • Ana Curniot Frances
  • Luis Franco
  • Alfonso Iván López-Bello Moreno
  • Dr. José Adalberto Barrales Arias
  • Dr. Juan Manuel Codemo



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