Phi Beta Pi (ΦΒΠ) medical fraternity is a professional fraternity founded March 10, 1891, at the West Pennsylvania Medical College (now a department of the University of Pittsburgh) as an anti-fraternity society. It was originally known as Pi Beta Phi but changed its name because of an existing sorority with the same name.[1]

The only remaining chapter presides at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. This chapter continues fraternity traditions of achieving academic excellence, promoting mentorship, organizing events for the student body, and providing charity outreach to the community.

Its badge is a diamond of gold with emerald points and pearl edges. A black enamel center with gold skull and pelvis and the letters "ΦΒΠ."[1]

Phi Beta Pi pin. The back is engraved with the owner's name and year (1921).

Phi Beta Pi chapters

Below is a list of Phi Beta Pi chapters.[1][2]

Chapter Institution Dates Notes
A University of Pittsburgh 1891-?
B University of Michigan 1898-?
Γ Starling-Ohio Medical College 1900–1905
Δ Rush Medical College (University of Chicago) 1901-?
Ε McGill University 1901–1908
Ζ Baltimore College of Physicians and Surgeons 1901-?
Η Jefferson Medical College 1902-?
Θ Northwestern University (Chicago) 1902-?
Ι University of Illinois (Chicago) 1902-?
Κ Detroit College of Medicine 1903-?
Λ St. Louis University 1903-?
Μ Washington University 1903-?
Ν Kansas City University Medical College 1904-?
Ξ University of Minnesota 1904-?
Ο Indiana University (Indianapolis) 1905-? Combined with Alpha Zeta to make Omicron Alpha Zeta
Π University of Iowa 1905-?
Ρ Vanderbilt University 1906-1944
Σ University of Alabama (Mobile) 1906-?
Τ University of Missouri 1906-?
Υ Western Reserve University 1906–1911
Φ University College of Medicine 1906-?
Χ Georgetown University 1906-?
Ψ Medical College of Virginia 1906-?
Ω Cooper Medical College 1906-?
ΑΑ Creighton Medical College 1907-?
ΑΒ Tulane University 1907-?
ΑΓ Syracuse University 1907-?
ΑΔ Medico-Chirurgical College absorbed by University of Pennsylvania[3] 1907-?
ΑΕ Marquette University 1907-?
ΑΖ Indiana University (Bloomington) 1908-?
ΑΗ University of Virginia 1909-?
ΑΘ University of Pennsylvania 1909-?
ΑΙ University of Kansas 1910-?
ΑΚ University of Texas (Galveston) 1910–Present
AM University of Louisville by 1921

Omega Upsilon Phi Fraternity merged in 1934. All active chapters became active chapters of Phi Beta Pi except Alpha which joined Phi Chi Medical Fraternity.[4]

Theta Kappa Psi Fraternity merged in 1961.


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