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Phassus is a genus of moths of the family Hepialidae. There are 21 described species distributed from Mexico south to Brazil. Species[edit]

Phassus absyrtus - Brazil Phassus agrionides - Brazil Phassus aurigenus - Costa Rica Phassus basirei - Mexico Phassus championi - Guatemala Phassus costaricensis - Costa Rica Phassus chrysodidyma - Mexico Phassus eldorado - Venezuela Phassus exclamationis - Mexico Phassus guianensis - Guyana Phassus huebneri - Mexico Phassus marcius - Mexico Phassus n-signatus - Guatemala Phassus phalerus - Mexico Phassus pharus - Guatemala

Recorded food plants: Malvaceae, grasses including sugar cane

Phassus pretiosus - Brazil Phassus rosulentus - Mexico Phassus smithi - Mexico Phassus tesselatus Phassus transversus - Brazil Phassus triangularis - Mexico

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Hepialidae genera

Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q4046823 ButMoth: 22618.0 EoL: 96459 EPPO: 1PHAUG LepIndex: 137408.0 NCBI: 1216426

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