Phak Hai District


Phak Hai (, ) is a district (''
amphoe An amphoe (sometimes also ''amphur'', th, อำเภอ, ) is the second level administrative subdivision of Thailand Thailand ( th, ประเทศไทย), historically known as Siam, () officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is a c ...
'') in the northwestern part of
Ayutthaya Province Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya (or Ayutthaya, th, พระนครศรีอยุธยา, ) is one of the central provinces A province is almost always an administrative division Administrative division, administrative unitArticle 3(1). , c ...
, central
Thailand Thailand ( th, ประเทศไทย), historically known as Siam, () officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in Southeast Asia Southeast Asia or Southeastern Asia is the United Nations geoscheme for Asia#South-eastern A ...



Historically, the district was named ''Khwaeng'' Sena Yai, which became converted to an ''amphoe'' at the end of the 19th century. In 1917, the name of district was changed to be Phak Hai after the central ''tambon''. The name Phak Hai comes from the Nirat ''Suphan'' by
Sunthorn Phu Phra Sunthonwohan ( th, พระสุนทรโวหาร), known as Sunthorn Phu ( th, สุนทรภู่, , ; 26 June 1786 – 1855), is Thailand ) , royal_anthem = '' Sansoen Phra Barami''( en, "Glorify His prestige ...
, which refers to a village named Ban Pak Hai. The spelling has changed however now, so it can also mean a kind of plant (''
Momordica charantia ''Momordica charantia'' (colloquial Colloquialism or colloquial language is the style (sociolinguistics), linguistic style used for casual communication. It is the most common functional style of speech, the idiom normally employed in conversa ...

Momordica charantia
'') that grows in swamps.


Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Wiset Chai Chan and Pa Mok District, Pa Mok of Ang Thong Province; Bang Ban District, Bang Ban, Sena District, Sena, and Bang Sai District (1413), Bang Sai of Ayutthaya Province; and Bang Pla Ma District, Bang Pla Ma, and Mueang Suphanburi District, Mueang Suphanburi of Suphanburi Province.


The district is divided into 16 sub-districts (''tambon''), which are further subdivided into 128 villages (''muban'').

In media

Phak Hai is the setting of a Thai country song, (''luk thung''), titled ( th, สาวผักไห่; ) 'Phak Hai Girl'). It has been popular since around 1970s.


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