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Peter D'Amato
Peter D'Amato
is an American author, businessman, and carnivorous plant authority. He is the owner of California Carnivores, located in Sebastopol, possibly the largest nursery of carnivorous plants in the world, and the author of The Savage Garden
The Savage Garden
(published 1998), a book on the cultivation of insectivorous plants.[1][2][3][4][5][6] His book won the American Horticultural Society
American Horticultural Society
Book Award and the Quill & Trowel Award from the Garden Writers Association of America, both in 1999.[7]


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Education[edit] Peter graduated from high school in New Jersey
New Jersey
in 1972 and attended the University of Miami, Florida, 1972–1974. Career[edit]

Peter D'Amato
Peter D'Amato
in a field of Sarracenia.

For almost 40 years, D'Amato has been growing carnivorous plants. In 1989, he opened the California Carnivores
California Carnivores
plant nursery. D'Amato is also the co-founder of the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society along with frequently contributing to the International Carnivorous Plant Society's Carnivorous Plant Newsletter. Over the years, he has written several articles and lectured on the subject.[8] He has traveled all over the United States
United States
speaking and giving lectures to different groups. Some of the places he has lectured at include:

University of North Carolina's Botanical Garden Atlanta Botanical Garden California Horticultural Society University of California at Berkeley San Diego Zoo Fredrick Meijer Gardens (Grand Rapids) San Francisco Zoo[8]

Appearances[edit] D'Amato has also appeared on a number of TV shows including:

Home and Garden Network programs Martha Stewart Living Various travel and garden shows[8]


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California Carnivores
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