Permanent Residence (永久居留) is a 2009 Hong Kong film starring Sean Li and Osman Hung, and directed by acclaimed Hong Kong Chinese film-maker Danny Cheng Wan-Cheung, whose stage name is Scud. It explores several themes traditionally regarded as 'taboo' in Hong Kong society, in an unusually open, convention-defying way, and features full-frontal male nudity in several scenes. It is the second of five publicly released films by Scud. The four others are: City Without Baseball, released in 2008, Amphetamine in 2010, Love Actually... Sucks! in 2011, and his most recent, Voyage, in 2013. His sixth film, Utopians, has now been completed and awaits release, whilst his seventh, Naked Nation, is currently in production.[1]


The film explores the near true-life story of a young Chinese man (said to be a semi-autobiography of the film's writer/producer), who seeks a long-term relationship with a straight friend. The friend is aware of his inclination, and is happy to befriend him, but is very reluctant to express open affection for him or to become emotionally involved.


Permanent Residence examines the limit of life, and is the first of a trilogy: the second, called Amphetamine, examines the limits of passion, while the third, known as Life of an Artist, examines the limits of art. Amphetamine was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival on 15 February 2010, and was also shown at the Hong Kong International Film Festival on 6 April 2010. The third film, Life of an Artist, has not yet been released.

In the album book that accompanies the film, the director, Scud appears naked as he replaces Sean Li in the photos in an attempt to emphasize the semi-autobiographical nature of the film. Publicity videos accompanying the film also feature the full-frontal nudity of famous Hong Kong Chinese model Byron Pang, who was a contestant in the Mr. Hong Kong 2005 contest, and the film's director ('Scud'), himself. The film was said by critics to be both insightful and mournful as it reflects on the fleeting nature of love and mortality.[citation needed]



DVD & Blu-ray

A Panorama Distribution (HK) edition of this film was released internationally on DVD on 5 October 2009 and on Blu-ray Disc on 4 August 2011. A US Blu-ray edition was released on 3 May 2011.

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