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Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir Regency (abbreviation PALI) is a regency of South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. It takes its name from the three main rivers which flow through that area - the Penukal River, Abab River and Lematang River - while the name Ilir means "downstream" (it denote the downstream part of the Lematang River). Talang Ubi is the capital of this regency. The regency borders Musi Banyuasin Regency to the north, Banyuasin Regency, and Muara Enim Regency to the east, Muara Enim Regency to the south, and Musi Rawas Regency, and Muara Enim Regency to the west.[1] The regency was established on 14 December 2012, having formerly being part of Muara Enim Regency.[2] Administrative districts[edit] Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir Regency is divided into the following 5 subdistricts (kecamatan):

Abab North Penukal (Penukal Utara) Penukal Talang Ubi Tanah Abang


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Capital: Palembang


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Coordinates: 3°12′48″S 104°05′14″E / 3.2134°S 104.0872°E / -3.2134; 104.0872

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