Pentti is a Finnish male given name, and a surname. Pentti name is also used in fiction and music.

Famous people

*Pentti Aalto (1917–1998), linguist *Pentti Eskola (1883–1964), geologist *Pentti Fabritius (1938–1978), writer *Pentti Fagerholm (1935–2015), radio journalist *Pentti Holappa, politician *Pentti Jokinen (1931-), footballer *Pentti Ketola (1925–1972), writer *Pentti Koskimies (1922–1992), pianist *Pentti Linkola (1932-2020), deep ecologist *Pentti Saarikoski, writer *Pentti Saaritsa, poet and translator *Pentti Siimes, actor *Pentti Siltala, (Beni Siltala) (1953-), singer

As a surname

*Eino Pentti (1906 - 1993), runner, born in USA *Erkki J. Pentti (1948–2006), Finnish businessman *Heikki Pentti (1946–2008), Finnish businessman


*Pentti Algotinpoika, (about. 1330–1360), Swedish aristocrat


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