Pennsylvania Journal


''The Pennsylvania Journal'' was an American weekly newspaper published by William Bradford during the 18th century. The first edition of ''The Pennsylvania Journal'' appeared in December 1742. A famous contributor was
Thomas Paine Thomas Paine (born Thomas Pain; – In the contemporary record as noted by Conway, Paine's birth date is given as January 29, 1736–37. Common practice was to use a dash or a slash to separate the old-style year from the new-style year. In th ...

Thomas Paine
, who published his first-ever journalism in the ''Journal'' in 1775 and contributed a series of pamphleteering essays entitled ''
The American Crisis ''The American Crisis'', or simply ''The Crisis'', is a pamphlet series by eighteenth-century Enlightenment Enlightenment, enlighten or enlightened may refer to: Age of Enlightenment * Age of Enlightenment, period in Western intellectual histor ...
'' from December 1776 onwards. After Bradford's death in 1791, his son and business partner
Thomas Bradford General A general officer is an officer of high rank in the armies, and in some nations' air forces, space forces, or marines Marines or naval infantry, are typically a military force trained to operate on Littoral Zone, littoral zo ...
continued the journal, eventually changing its name to the ''True American''. Benson J. Lossing, ''Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution'', 1850
Vol. 2. Chapter 2


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