Penn, South Australia


Oodla Wirra (formerly Penn) is a small town in the upper Mid North of South Australia. It is on the Barrier Highway approximately halfway from Adelaide to Broken Hill, New South Wales, Broken Hill. When the Crystal Brook-Broken Hill railway line, railway was built in 1880, a siding was provided, named Oodla Wirra. Soon after, a town was surveyed near the siding, but it was named ''Penn''. This naming conflict continued until 1940, when the town was renamed Oodla Wirra, to match the railway station.


Oodla Wirra is a former railway town, as it was on the Crystal Brook-Broken Hill railway line, narrow-gauge railway between Port Pirie, South Australia, Port Pirie and Cockburn, South Australia, Cockburn (where it connected to the Silverton Tramway to Broken Hill). When the Government of Australia, Commonwealth Government replaced the narrow gauge line with a standard gauge line, the revised route passed south and east of the town. A railway guard was killed in a shunting accident in the Oodla Wirra railyards in 1909. In 1889, ironstone Flux (metallurgy), flux was mined from a failed silver mine a few miles away, and carted to Oodla Wirra to be transported by rail to the smelters at Port Pirie, South Australia, Port Pirie.


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