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Coordinates: 23°35′46.8″N 120°42′30.9″E / 23.596333°N 120.708583°E / 23.596333; 120.708583

Penglai Waterfall 蓬萊瀑布

Location Gukeng, Yunlin County, Taiwan

Type Waterfall

The Penglai Waterfall (Chinese: 蓬萊瀑布; pinyin: Pénglái Pùbù) is a waterfall in Gukeng, Yunlin, Yunlin County, Taiwan.[1][2]


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Geology[edit] The waterfall is part of the Shibi Valley.[3] Facilities[edit] The waterfall used to feature a cable car system but was destroyed during the 921 earthquake in 1999.[4] See also[edit]

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