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Paul Anthony Madden, FRS, FRSE is a British chemist and Provost of The Queen's College, Oxford. From 1984 until 2005 he was Fellow in Chemistry at The Queen's College, Oxford and also Senior Tutor of the college and Chairman of the University Information Technology Committee. From 2004[1] until 2008 he was Professor of Physical Chemistry and Director of Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions at the University of Edinburgh.[2] He took up the office of Provost of The Queen's College on 2 August 2008.[3] He was awarded the Mulliken Medal of the University of Chicago for his achievements in Theoretical and Physical Chemistry.[4] He has served as Miller Visiting Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.[5] He was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society
Royal Society
in 2001 and is a Fellow of the Royal Society
Fellow of the Royal Society
of Edinburgh. He was appointed a member of the ad hoc Board of Electors to the Professorship of Chemistry in the University of Cambridge on the nomination of the Faculty Board of Chemistry.[6] References[edit]

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Royal Society
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