The Info List - Patriotic League (Bosnia And Herzegovina)

The Patriotic League was the first paramilitary unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina">Territorial Defence Force of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (TORBIH).[1]


On December 19, 1990 Alija Izetbegović and the SDA party discussed forming an independent paramilitary separate from the Yugoslav People's Army. In March 1991 Sefer Halilović formed the Patriotic League (Patriotska Liga - PL) as an independent Bosnian army, with the same territorial organization as Territorial Defense Forces (TO). Later on the Patriotic League was connected to the TO. The Patriotic League, alongside the TORBIH, would later become the Bosnia and Herzegovina">Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[2]


The Patriotic League received training at Croatian Special Police centers and by March 1992 claimed 98,000 troops – more than the shrinking TO – organized in 9 regions and 103 (out of 109) districts.[3]


  • Crni Labudovi (The Black Swans)
  • Armija Bosnia and Herzegovina">RBiH - Diverzantsko-Izviđačka Brigada
  • Zmaj od Bosne (Dragon of Bosnia)


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