The Info List - Patrapur

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PATRAPUR is one of the block headquarters of Ganjam district situated south of Orissa bordering to Andhra Pradesh . It is located southwest of Berhampur and southeast of Chikiti . It is one of the biggest villages of Ganjam district , having more than 15,000 people.

is a business center catering to surrounding villages. The major occupations are agriculture, trading and self-employment. People are dependent on rain for crops. There are 3 Primary Schools , one middle English School, one girls' high school and one coeducational high school. Commercial banks like Canara Bank , State Bank Of India Cooperative Banks, a court, a Fire Station, Tahasil offices, a hospital and other establishments encourage people from nearby villages to come to the town. People speak Oriya as mother tongue , however Telugu is an additional language because Patrapur
borders with Andhra Pradesh , recently Thakurani Yatra is celebrated with much funfair, around 50000 people gather daily for 10 days of the yatra.